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September 14th, 2007


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September 14th, 2007

More Five Questions + bonus skibble.

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Yep, the meme just won't die. From [info]apprentice_lurk:

Set 1 )

From [info]fluffymormegil:

Set 2 )

And from [info]seiberwing:

Set 3 )

And, this is the preliminary sketch for my final project in Advanced Photoshop: Laramie, Briar, sappiness.

Because I was tagged.

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Because, you know, I never do memes unless I'm told to, being totally not an attention whore at all. ;)

From guiltyred, the Four Things Meme! )

Also, because I can never get enough of telling you all how dumb I am, a funny story about how I almost got caught with my hand in the Internet cookie jar at work again. So I was writing tentacle porn when... )
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