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September 19th, 2007


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September 19th, 2007

Oh, why not. Pirate Playtime!

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((Open RP post, in honor of this most festive holiday. ;) ))

'Tis a glorious thing to be a pirate moogle! >D Hoist the mainsail and raise the Jolly Roger! Me compass be pointing in a general that-way direction! *swings from the rigging*

The internet is for memes...

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This is from [info]lonescorpion:

Write a personals ad for yourself. Rules:
1) It has to make you sound as unappealing as possible
2) It has to be honest - you can't lie at all
3) It can't sound as though you're deliberately making yourself sound unappealing.
4) Assume that you are single or otherwise available/looking, even if you are very much not.

Emotionally stunted SWF, 22, seeks sugar mama and/or daddy with which to share geekish pursuits and cuddle-sluttery. Be prepared to finance my addictions to books, toys, yarn, and attention. Sex drive optional; other SO's okay with full disclosure. Please reply with finance record and shirt size.

Also, I find it fantastically entertaining (in the "kill me now" sense) that I come home from Renfest (you know, where I'm outside upwards of ten hours a day?) with nary an insect bite to my name, but come home from my supposedly-indoor retail job with my ankles all mosquito-bitten to hell thanks to my boss's insistence to leave all the doors wiiiiide open instead of, oh, turning on the damn air conditioner. AAAAARGH. *itch itch scratch scratch*

Yes, I'm getting all my work-bitchery out of my system before I start my new job. Lemme alone. ;P
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