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October 2nd, 2007


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October 2nd, 2007

I've been kind of worn out...

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...that plus my period conspired to make Renfest this past weekend kind of a drag. But! Coming up is Celtic Dreams Weekend. I am guaranteed lots of men in kilts to ogle! YAY! Also, I brought [info]_kyri, [info]agamaed, and their friend Sarah over for pizza and Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday night, so that was made of awesome. ^_^ Goooooood movie, btw; I hadn't seen it before. [info]apprentice_lurk, you'd like it, assuming you haven't seen it already. XD

This week I have off from school, and while the 'rents are away, the Pepper will... be lazy, mostly. ^_^;;; And do some Xmas-present planning. Yes, I do it eeeeaaaarly. Mostly 'cause I know I never have as much free time as I think I'm going to, and I make most of my presents. (Cheap moogle, and entirely-too-enamored-of-crochet moogle.) But! I still have to clean my room, and call people about happy pills. I shall do this on the morrow! Determinedmoogle!

In other news, I want a DS right now. *whimpers* Three more weeks, then I get the rest of my Renfest monies and can get one...
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