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October 12th, 2007


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October 12th, 2007

Since I've pretty much done all I'm gonna do in class...

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...and the brief period I'll be at home is for Lunch and Packing. Imma goin' out with my friends tonight! Yay! ^_^

Springkink Recs, for the people who eschew LJ. We still have good porn on LJ! We're just, uh, quieter about it. ^_^;;;

Advance and Follow, in which Skywarp and Thundercracker get up to Mischief. Of the sexy kind. ;)
Oh Merciful Descent, entirely-too-cruel Sephiroth/Cloud movie fic.
Untitled, Starscream, Tracks, violence and related themes and also angst. *wibbles and hugs Tracks*
In The Old Country, fluffy gen involving the Protectobots on Cybertron. *hearts*
Training With Kyo, Kyo/Tohru/martial arts/utter cuteness.
Jump The Gun, in which Starscream finally gets the better of Megatron. This one appeals to the gunkink sector of my brain. (Actually, anything involving Megatron appeals to that sector; this fic brought it roses and whispered sweet nothings in its ear.)
this, and only this; it is enough, Sora/Riku, massive amounts of cute that spiral right into "guh" territory.
Comm Signal, Judy Witwicky/Frenzy. YA RLY.
Piecing, Beatrix/Garnet pre-game fluff. There's an unfortunate dearth of good FF9 fic out there, which makes me rather a sad moogle.
Not Quite By the Book, Tseng/Reno: swift, hard and hot, just the way I like my Turks. ^_^

And since no rec post would be complete without pimping myself:
Holy's Touch: the prompt was Aeris with tentacles, and I of course came up with fixit!crack. Which I have been implored to continue. Oh, help.
Lab Assistant, Agatha/Gil from Girl Genius. Verreh short canon scene from Gil's POV.
Marquis de Air Commander, Starscream/everybody. Well, technically six people, but that's more than enough getting laid for one fic. XD
Spark's Oath, in which Magnus runs headlong into Rodimus's issues. Angst, hugs and Metroplex being protective.
Junkyard Wars, Hook, Ratchet, Perceptor and Scavenger in various combinations. In which, as [info]apathocles puts it, Hook and Ratchet battle for Perceptor's love. (Unfortunately they forgot to ask Percy about it first.)
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