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October 30th, 2007


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October 30th, 2007

Odd dreams, the end of springkink, and Animal Crossing geekery.

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So I'm sure there's something Freudian about this dream I had: Disturbing content. )

I'm sure my period's to blame somehow. Speaking of which, electric heating pads are a gift from the gods. *sighs happily and snuggles up with it* ^____^ I'm tempted to take it to school tomorrow.

Anyway, I finished my fics for this round of [info]springkink! YAY! My last four are as follows:
When You're Angry: Transformers canon-in-a-blender, Mikaela/Carly. Because the world needs more TF femslash, as Spike and Sam will attest.
Clean: G1. Optimus angsts. Jazz wants to help.
The Pirate and The Thief: Pirates of the Caribbean/Final Fantasy IX, Jack and Zidane meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, and summarily make the best of it.
Shield: G1, Optimus/Ironhide manly fluff.

I've got three months' worth of kink to code and put up on my website, of course, but once that's done I'm going back to the fic projects that've been gathering dust. So, Mythbusters/Transformers, postgame Sephiroth angstfluff, flowerverse (although I've been doing pretty well on that the last couple of days), and [info]50kinkyways - here I come! >D

Animal Crossing witterage, cut because it's too geeky for words. )
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