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November 1st, 2007


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November 1st, 2007


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Is my birfday!

Imma goin to the ZOO!

Also, I am five. Birfday hugs for all! :D

Give a moogle a birthday...

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...and it will squee. ^_^

It will squee even more if its mom (who is wonderful in every conceivable way) takes it to the Columbus Zoo. I get embarrassingly excited over animals of all kinds, of course, and the park was practically empty thanks to that whole 'school' thing so I got to spend some personal time taking pictures. Which I now share with you, 'cause I'm a share-y person like that.

All links, but there's lots of them. )

They also had pumas, red pandas and bobcats, but I couldn't get good shots of them, sadly. :( But it was still an excellent and wonderful experience. This is me, squeaking madly. Squeak! :D

And as long as I've got my camera out, pics from Rocky Horror on Saturday:

Me in my costume! It's only after I see this pic that I realize how see-through my blouse was. Ohgod. XD
Deliver the booty or walk the plank! Arrrrrrr!
[info]_kyri is amused by my antics.
I have no idea how I got the streaky lights, but I kinda like 'em.

As you can see, it's been an interesting week. ^_^
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