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December 22nd, 2007


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December 22nd, 2007

Um... merry Christmas? ^_^;;;;

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I think I banged this out in the space of three days. Sephiroth wouldn't let me go until I finished it. You can put your sword away now, General Sephiroth sir...

This will make a hell of a lot more sense (relatively speaking) if you read [info]ciceqi's Tentacleverse first. Like, all of it. Trust me on this. (There's not that much, and you will not regret the time spent.)

Title: Cling
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles, to my eternal shame, I'm sure. ^_^;;;
Series: Final Fantasy 7, Tentacleverse, crack AU
Characters: Sephiroth/Cloud with hints of Sephiroth/Zack, Rufus
Rating: T for tentacles.
Word Count: 1877. *faints* haet u, Sephiroth.

If there had been anyone else there, except Zack... )
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