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November 7th, 2014


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November 7th, 2014

Further adventures in Englandia.

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I'm settling in here. I'm learning to depend on a bike and the bus for my transportation, and I've started to learn the ways of hot water and radiators. (There was... an attempt at a bath yesterday. The less said about it the better.) So far the only real disappointments have been the things that don't work: my debit card*, and Pandora. I have yet to find a replacement music app that lets me create custom stations. I miss my Pandora stations, dammit. ;_;

It's not easy missing my 'Boots while she's at work, but it's wonderful to get to spend the evenings with her. And whole weekends. ........^_^

*They've transitioned to cards with chips in them over here; as I understand it, there's an unfortunate distrust of chip cards in America due to disproportionately-powerful paranoid God-botherers who think it's the Mark of the Beast or some such thing.
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