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January 19th, 2019

What I've Been Reading - W/E 18 JAN 2019

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Farewell Re-reads
A Dying Light in Corduba, by Lindsey Davis, ISBN 0 71 2659 41 2. One of her Marcus Didius Falco novels. (Yup, finished the Tim Flannery, and it's in the bye-bye bag, awaiting donation).


Five Times the Villain’s Weapon Didn’t Work on Thor and the One Time It Did by TheOther Odinson - MCU "Five Times" fic. My notes for this one basically quote Loki in Avengers: Assemble - "Are you ever not going to fall for that?". Made me grin.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - Latest chapter of a WIP (Ch 4). Still fluffy, but with more smut in this chapter.

you&i’ll be safe and sound (epilogue) by Feather (lalaietha) - final part of the "your blue eyed boys" re-read.

[to see you there] by Feather (lalaietha) - The link leads to the main series page on AO3, because this week I re-read the whole series. All 28 parts of it. And rather than bloat out my list by referring to them all individually, I'm just going to point everyone to this list someone else (Feather!) prepared earlier, in best "Blue Peter"/cooking show style.

Online Articles

Four Days Trapped at Sea With Crypto’s Nouveau Riche by Laurie Penny - Confirming that spending the better part of a week around a bunch of crypto-currency enthusiasts is probably not anyone's idea of a good time. Not even the crypto-currency enthusiasts'.

This Transgender Woman Says a Message From Her Doctor’s Office Turned Into a Transphobic Tirade by Lucy Diavolo - despite the tabloidesque headline, it's an intelligent story, and I have a lot of respect for the person involved.

That's what I've been reading this week. What about everyone else? Any articles that catch people's eyes, or recommendations/dis-recommendations?

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January 17th, 2019

Things I Sincerely Wish Had Never Been Invented

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  • Diesel powered leaf blowers

  • Whipper snippers

  • Come to think of it, any kind of mechanised garden equipment at all.

This post brought to you by my autistic brain in near-meltdown mode, and the two different sets of neighbours who are gardening at present with mechanical assistance.


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January 14th, 2019

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Because I had it recommended by several people, I got a Ko-fi. No idea if it's going to do a thing, but might as well post this now.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

January 11th, 2019

Weekly fic roundup

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Can you see my One Piece focus? >.>

[community profile] 31_days

Title: Cursed Blades
Day/Prompt: 5-1-19: You are a phantom in that far-off city where daylight climbs cathedral walls
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Donquixote Rosinante, Trafalgar D. Law
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count: 926
Summary Sometimes dreams aren't only dreams. Law finds himself talking to a Cora-san who is different than he recalls.

Cursed Blades(ao3 link)

Title: Hunger of Flesh, Longing for Ease
[community profile] 31_days 6-1-19: The heart its own rough animal.
[community profile] story_arc Five 05: Shock and Stop
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Donquixote Rosinante
Rating/Warning(s): Murder, something of a psychotic break
Word Count: 1,812
Summary Childhood trauma did not help Doflamingo's sanity. It didn't help Rosinante's very much either. He just hides it better.

Most of the time.

AKA: The serial killer AU that I wasn't expecting to write

This is five part story, but each chapter is pretty self contained.

Hunger of Flesh, Longing for Ease(ao3 link)

Title: Sunrise
Day/Prompt: 7-1-19: No one can tell me anything about this radiance.
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Monkey D. Luffy
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count: 490
Summary Sometimes, Luffy just needs a minute with his brother

Sunrise(ao3 link)

Title: Empty
Day/Prompt: 8-1-19: bodies against rock, beached until burning.
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count: 200
Summary Left twisting in the wind, Ichigo survives and plans after his soul is broken

Empty(ao3 link)

Title: Singing
Day/Prompt: 9-1-19: And what language exists with no word for blood?
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Zaraki Kenpachi
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count: 247
Summary Kenpachi wonders where the good fighters are.

Singing(ao3 link)

Title: Bink’s Sake
Day/Prompt: 10-1-19: Fill yourself with the song—sing. Do not sink.
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Brook
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count: 201
Summary In the silence, Brook makes some noise.

Bink’s Sake(ao3 link)

Title: Good, Bad, Neutral
Day/Prompt: [community profile] 31_days11-1-19: my fingers will find yours, tangle & sweeten the air
[community profile] dailyprompt 2009-4-20: sticks and stones
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count: 453
Summary Three points in Jason’s new life.

Good, Bad, Neutral(ao3 link)

[community profile] drabble_zone

Title: Drip Dry
Fandom: One Piece
Author: [personal profile] icedark_elf
Characters/Pairing: Donquixote "Corazon" Rosinante, Trafalgar D. Law
Rating: PG
Work Count: 200
Challenge: #122: Seeking Shelter
Summary: Shelter can be physical, mental, and emotional.
Disclaimer: Not my characters

Drip Dry(ao3)

Title: Empty
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo
Rating: PG
Challenge: #122 Seeking Shelter
Summary: Left twisting in the wind, Ichigo survives and plans after his soul is broken
Disclaimer: Story mine, characters aren’t


[community profile] 100words

Title: Bleeding
Fandom: Batman
Rating: G
Notes: Functional batfamily


[community profile] dailyprompt

Title: What is Reality
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Donquixote Doflamingo, Donquixote Rosinante/Trafalgar D. Law
Words: 880
Summary: Knowing that he's dying doesn't keep Rosi from smiling. What happens instead might.

What is Reality?(ao3)

[community profile] fandomweekly

This is a voting competition, so these are from last weeks challenge. Feel free to check out this weeks one on the site itself.

Both stories are on one AO3 link, each chapter is one fic.

Theme Prompt: #001 - Second Chances
Title: Dying Dream
Fandom: One Piece
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 505
Summary: Dying was easy, Law had done that before. This, however, was new.

Theme Prompt: #001
Title: No Choice at All
Fandom: One Piece
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: No
Word Count: 50
Summary: Ace gets a choice.

So short, just warning you. So very short. Was a challenge to myself.

FW: Second Chances

Weekly word count: 6,264
Monthly word count: 9,913

January 12th, 2019

What I've Been Reading - W/E 11 JAN 2019

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Farewell Re-reads

Still plugging away at The Weather Makers. It's almost depressing to realise a lot of what Flannery is talking about in 2005 hasn't been implemented by the Australian government over a decade later.


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Online Articles

(Because why not? I am reading these, I may as well keep track of them)Under the fold to save people's timelines )

So, what's everyone else reading? Any recommendations? Any dis-recommendations?

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