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June 20th, 2011

Returnfic for 'Bootslove.

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There were times when Daniel was almost mad at Optimus Prime.

'Almost' because Optimus Prime was still Optimus Prime, elevated beyond mere mortals even before he'd become a martyr at Megatron's hands. 'Almost' because Daniel had loved Optimus as far back as he could remember, when the huge, battle-scarred war machine had allowed the tiny organic to play on his lap and color on his chest glass and leave toys all over his cab. 'Almost' because he knew that Optimus would never have wanted to drop the burden of Primacy so suddenly on an untrained soldier who was, emotionally at least, barely older than Daniel himself.

Almost mad because Hot Rod was now Rodimus Prime, and though that wasn't Optimus Prime's fault, Daniel could see how it hurt his best friend to have Optimus's burden thrust upon him like that. Really - he couldn't have left notes for his eventual successor? A word of encouragement - of solace - an instruction manual?

Well, he hadn't. So Rodimus Prime's support had to come from other sources. From his friends who'd known him as a brash, idealistic young soldier with a kind spark and a quick mind. From the officers who came together to support and teach their young leader. From the Autobots who had been Optimus Prime's intimate friends, and from the humans who could remind him what it was he was fighting for.

From his best friend Danno, who would always stand by his Roddy - his Prime. No matter what.

"Hey, Springer - you know, Prime Day is coming up. We should do something for Roddy."

Optimus Prime would have been proud.

(This is what I was listening to when I wrote this.)
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