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October 4th, 2012

Bit of a picspam.

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What have I been up to? WELL.

I've been taking out my steampunk-embellished boots for a spin lately:They were, apparently, made for walking. )

And along the way, I saw this guy: Someone's a bit excited for Halloween. )

Finally, here's what my nails have been up to: Heroes inna half shell! )

July 22nd, 2012

A successful thrift store weekend. ^_^

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So, since Dragon*Con is on a holiday weekend and those are our busiest times over at the animal hospital, it looks like NYCC is my con this year. This weekend I went poking around thrift stores looking for cosplay things.

Cosplay blather. )

March 26th, 2012

So apparently this is a thing that is happening.

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I may have mentioned this on Twitter a while back, buuut - Adventuresome Coworker is organizing a bunch of her friends into a Superhero Cosplay Group for Halloween, and - well, I could blame it all on her, but the fact is she blurted out I could go as She-Ra and I exploded with glee. I have nobody but myself to blame. So apparently I have seven months to put together a She-Ra costume. Which sounds like a long time, but I'm thinking I'm going to need every day of it. XD

(She-Ra = kind of my childhood hero. I mean like All Of Five Years Old childhood hero. Long before I was all about Trini. ....It was probably for the best that my 'boyfriend' at the time and I didn't know He-Man and She-Ra were twins.)

For reference, this is what she looks like. I'm thinking an overbust corset for the top part (because God knows me + spandex = BAD IDEA), and the gold bits could probably be done with craft foam and paint, but I have nooooo idea what I'm going to do about the sword. And if I have time I'd love to make a Swiftwind purse. (That's her horse. I used to have a toy of him, though he was pink plastic.)

Also? This She-Ra will be wearing flats, kthx.

(When is She-Ra going to get a reboot, dammit? That would be wicked awesome. Although with my luck Michael Bay would get ahold of her.)

June 30th, 2010

Botcon Photos, part 1!

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Oasis has the ones of Galvatron vs. Giant Starscream. And of Galvatron eating Pocky. But these should also be amusing!

Lots and lots of peekchurs. Slow connections will choke. )

So. Um. Yes. As you can see, we had fun. ^_^

June 28th, 2010

The Botcon Report!

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Ta-da! The Botcon Report! ...Well, mostly it's just me transcribing all my voice posts (minus the um's and uh's) with some additional notes. Since the voice posts are LJ-exclusive, I might as well do this for my IJ and DW friends too. <3

Long post is long and rambly. )

Picture post and a few skibbles coming soon. Oasis has some of the pictures I want to post, since my camera died Sunday afternoon.

June 19th, 2010

I knew I'd do something like this.

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So you know what I forgot to put on my stupid Galvatron costume?


*screams into pillow*

I'll just have to draw it on with a paint pen when I get there, I guess. ...dammit, now I need a paint pen. *adds it to List*

June 11th, 2010

Defeat is everything; my power is absurd! ...wait, that doesn't sound right.

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Ahem. Ladies, gentlemen, and differently gendered individuals.

I present to you: GALVATRON. )

June 6th, 2010

Probably not related to the previous post.

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Okay. So I've got the structure of the Galvatron costume done. Still got some detailing do, but the hard bit is over with! HOWEVER. I've run into a bit of a logistical problem.

Since I don't have an icon of Galvatron on IJ, I'd like you all to go look him up on Google Images. Specifically, Galvatron's cannon. I'll wait.


Notice how it was jutting out straight from Galvatron's forearm? Yeah, that's because it is made of metal. Now building things with metal presents its own set of problems, but I will say this for it: you tell it to be a shape, and barring natural disasters or superheroes with something to prove, it stays that shape.

My Galvatron's cannon? Like the rest of him, it is made out of Fun Foam. I chose Fun Foam because it was light and easy to work with, but like metal, it has its own problems, and this became apparent when I examined the finished cannon. It does not stay rigid. In fact, it is rather flaccid. Limp, even. It droops from my forearm piece, and then the whole piece sort of rotates around so it's hanging upside-down from my arm.


So. I need something LIGHT and RIGID to help Galvatron out with his Little Problem. I have had chicken wire and dowels suggested on Twitter - any other ideas from the engineers in the audience?

(If all else fails, there's always Viagra.)

June 1st, 2010

*thud* No work done on my costume tonight.

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I hope no one minds if I leave the tail off His Tyrannical Purpleness. Not only would it be a bitch and a half to construct, it would make it impossible to sit. (How does Galvatron sit comfortably with that thing anyway? Maybe he subspaces it.)

May 10th, 2010

Oh, yeah. It's all comin' together.

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Okay, the ribbon tie closure isn't working as well as I hoped, but otherwise, Galvatron's torso is done! *fistpump*

...I wonder if I could get some snaps at Michael's.

April 18th, 2010

*pokes dubiously at materials*

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I... don't know if I can do this costume thing. I don't even know where to start.

*poke poke*

April 15th, 2010

Well, it's official now. Botcon-bound moogle!

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I just bought my plane tickets. ^_^ Going to Botcon! With my yarnthings to sell, no less. I'm starting to run out of full skeins, but I've still got some remnants. Maybe I can make some small stuff still. (Or make a striped scarf, but all those ends to weave in - ugh. XP)

And I should really devote this weekend to sorting out my costume. I haven't touched it since 'Boots was here. *pokes it worriedly* ...Of course, once it's done I can start practicing my bwah. ;D

April 4th, 2009

Well, now I've been to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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*crosses off item on list* Done! I don't ever need to do it again.

TL;DR: It was fun, but not quite worth the hassle. PICTURE HEAVY! )

December 26th, 2008

Well, drat.

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Botcon's in Pasadena, CA this year. That's... so far out of the realm of possibility it's not even worth contemplating. Dammit, Hasbro! Way to harsh my squee!

Of course, there are other cons. I'm kind of eyeing Dragon*Con, since people I know go there, and I could still be Galvatron in theory. Of course, if I go there, I'm kinda tempted to do a steampunk theme outfit as well. I've already got a corset (thanks, Ravyn!) and I'd have time to work on the rest. Nothing too elaborate, of course.

But all that is still a big, huge, massive If. September's a long way away, I don't have any clue where I'll be in pretty much every sense of the word.

September 19th, 2008

Proper update later, I promise.

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It's just that I have a lot of pictures to upload, and my computer tends to make that process more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. So I'm putting it off. -_-

In the meantime: SHINY. Hmm, costume refs to boot. Though looking at that I think I'm going to have to be verrrrry careful with my right hand, or make the cannon detachable. Otherwise I'm going to knock something over. XD ...Oh, take me, you sexy beast you.

EDIT: Because we were bored, 'Boots and I came up with a cast list for a live-action FF7. Here's the fruits of our labor, and I do mean fruits. )

December 26th, 2007

Jingle bells, etc.

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So, Christmas.

[info]poptartodoom came over to spend the night on Christmas Eve, and we had a brief crocheting bee and watched Muppet Christmas Carol and March of the Penguins complete with snark and squeeing over the baby penguins. And then there was conking out.

Christmas morning I woke Poptart up around nine so she could make eggnog french toast. It was amazing and delicious, even though none of us could find the cinnamon. XD After that there was presents, presents, more presents, turkey dinner, and falling asleep on Poptart watching my new Mythbusters DVDs. ^_^;;; (And yes, [info]drharper, my TF/MB bunny is firmly latched onto my ankle, before you ask.) Other presents of note include a pink exercise ball, handmade earrings, a set of pretty blue dishware, and a brand-new set of speakers for my computer.

Today my parents left for Illinois for family tiem, leaving me to hold down the fort until New Years'. I've pretty much just been puttering around and thinking up ideas for a backup Ohayocon costume. Due to a lack of funds I'll probably just end up revamping my moogle costume, though I may go get something that fits me better to use as the body. I had a set of white sweats, but they're much too big and make me look like a marshmallow. -_-

Other than that, I just have to think about Sources of Income, both now and after I graduate. A job would be nice, of course. I'm also working on Etsy ideas, but I have to wonder what kind of trouble I'd get into if I sold FF7 plushies on there. Here's the copyright thing. I don't think Etsy does much in the way of self-policing, and if so I'd be okay as long as I kept a low profile. Still, it wouldn't hurt to play it safe.

In other news, I'm tempted to do this to the Nativity scene at a nearby Lutheran church. Does that make me a bad person?

My goals for this evening is to finish Ravyn's present. My goal for Friday is to crack 20,000 words in my novel. Possible obstacles to these goals include TF:A premiering tonight, which may make me fangasm.
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