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January 29th, 2012

Also, self? YOU CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER HOBBY. Hell, you can't afford the ones you have now.

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So I've been seized with the urge to kitbash: specifically, to kitbash small girl dolls into various fanchars. (Because there will be at least one toy of my stupid little self-inserts in existence, and they will be MINE ALL MINE.) Think what Wayward does with the Polly Pockets, only likely with a lot more fail.

Problem with Polly Pockets: 1), all of them have these HI I AM ON BUTTLOADS OF UPPERS RITE NAO expressions on their faces which kind of scare me, and 2) I want the kind with bendable elbows, which seem to have been phased out of existence. I can't even find them on Ebay.

And all the other dolls of the proper size are frankly kind of terrifying. LaLaLoopsy? Yeah, I don't want the Coraline versions of my girls. Other Mother can keep her slagging claws off. And the less said about Bratz the better.

(I kind of wish Monster High would make small versions. I don't think they'd work for what I have in mind, but man that'd be cute.)

Enh. I could always do amigurumi, I guess. Small amigurumi. It'd probably be easier.

April 25th, 2011


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So I've been a little bit absent from things on the Internet lately because Lima Beads* was holding an Easter egg hunt. There were 100 eggs cleverly hidden all throughout the site, and if I found 75 of them I would win a pendant I'd been lusting after, an Object Of Long-Cherished Desire. Cue moogle going "woohoo!" and then running face-first into the Law of Diminishing Returns.

The first ten? Easy. The first twenty-five? A breeze. Fifty? Just a little sweat, no big deal. Then I hit about the sixty mark and things... took... a turn. I was averaging an egg every twelve hours of constant clicking. Carpal tunnel was setting in. I started seeing eggs every time I blinked. I'm pretty sure I started hallucinating eggs on my dock. I nearly gave up several times, but those damn eggs sucked me right back in just when I thought I'd looked everywhere I could possibly look. Finally, four hours before the Great Egg Hunt Of Lovecraftian Horror was to end... I found egg number 75. I promptly claimed my Lust Object and clicked out of that son of a bitch, Never To Return. Also feeling quite proud of myself - I may have half killed myself in the attempt, but I found those eggs all on my own, no hints, no nothin'. I was invincible.

In my inbox this morning was an ad for another bead site. "Come participate in our Easter Egg Hunt!" it said.



(Screw the warm glow of accomplishment. Next year I'm cheating and conscripting several friends to help.)

*Not linking to them because I hate them right now.

January 31st, 2011

I had to go back and look at Twitter to see what I've been up to.

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We had about six inches of snow on Thursday - it was a bona-fide thundersnow, reportedly - but as that was my day off anyway, it didn't really affect me much. I was flopped out all day either way. ;)

I'm almost done with a crocheted sweater, but I've run out of yarn, dammit. Good thing it's no-dye-lot.

I also got crafty and made a notebook (well, a notebook cover, really) for Mom's birthday, and some book-label charms for use as jewelry. Pictures will be up as soon as I can take a decent picture of the darn things.

Also, today I fell down the stairs and bruised my - I'm sorry - left cheek.

That is all. Carry on.

January 21st, 2011

Addicted to shiny objects.

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Also, because I've spent more than I care to admit on jewelry stuff the past few months.

Got shinies up on my Etsy!

October 27th, 2010


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Finished my Team Stewart shirt for the rally on Saturday. Pictures once my wrist recovers from squeezing all the paint out of that little bottle. XD

Brb, playing with shinies.

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Spent more than I'm willing to admit on jewelry supplies. Looks like this Christmas will be a jewelry kind of Christmas, heh. (If you want some, let me know here.) So much instant gratification! As long as you're not stringing beads.

Also, I have pills again. Per [info]poptartodoom's suggestion, I went back to the pharmacy and asked to see my prescription. And WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, I had not two but three refills. Thank-you-very-much-yoink! ...Still doesn't make the two hours I spent on hold with the clinic any better, but at least I'm medicated.

October 1st, 2010

Hay guys!

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If you're looking for Christmas present ideas (even for yourself, ahem), the stuff in my Etsy shop has a month to go before it gets delisted. Prices are negotiable if I've friended you. More stuff is Coming Soon, as they say.

SPEAKING OF WINTERTHING. As I am a crafter, I have to start thinking about these things early, or else everybody gets a skibble done the day before. (See: last year.) SO. If you would like a card or something from me this year, please leave your address in the comments along with any requests you might have. Comments are screened, obv. And don't assume I have your address just because I've sent you something before - I am forever losing the things. Fundamentally unreliable moogle, lol. But you will at least get a card! *determined*

And if you need my address too, squeak at me via your preferred method and I shall send it to you. <3

September 14th, 2010

God, self, you don't need any more addictions.

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Well, I've committed Jewelry. Two big pendant necklaces. With jump rings and chain and everything. I used to just string the beads, tie a knot and call it a day! What the hell is wrong with me?

(No, no pictures. For one thing, they're not done yet. I have to shorten one of them and put beads on the other. With actual head pins. I may be going insane.)

I really, really, really didn't need yet another money sink, you guys. 'Cause with making jewelry, you see, it's not just the beads and shiny pendants. You have to have all the teeny little fiddly things that holds all those shiny things together. And it never seems like much at first, but you keep sticking little thing after little thing in your bag and before you know it you've got to take out a second loan. But there's a lot of instant gratification when you put all the fiddly things together and it turns into a USO (Unbelievably Shiny Object).

So not neglecting my crochet for this. Or my ficcing. I'm slogging through the Climactic Battle scene in my Mythbusters crossover and I will get it done by this weekend if it kills me, dammit.
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