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August 8th, 2014

There is too much. Let me sum up.

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OKAY. Lots of things have happened in the past month. Quick summary:

- Quit my job at the animal hospital. Everyone was very kind and claimed they were sad to see me go. I too experienced some flicker of emotion. ;)
- After a lot of runarounds, blank looks, misinformation and general bullshit, I have FINALLY got all my visa stuff done and am now just waiting for a decision. According to the government-run website, 75% of applications get processed within 1 month, and 95% get processed within 3 months. I'm... really hoping to be in the 75% here, seriously.
- Went to visit the extended family one last time before The Big Move. It was nice to see everybody (even the cousins, who are almost strangers to me), but the aunties have not, it seems, given up on their campaign to get me to join Facebook. Aaaagh.*

Jobless-me is falling back on old patterns of sloth. I'm trying to keep busy with gym time and various writing projects, but currently I've got my nose buried in Final Fantasy IX and may not come up for air anytime soon. (Kupo.)

*'But how will we keep in touch?' ...same way we always do, with the occasional email. Seriously, why does this only come up now that I'm moving?

August 12th, 2013

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So, most recent Thing in my life - my grandma (mom's mom) has cancer. They think she has about 3 months left. I'm heading up to say goodbye to her on Thursday - it was kind of short notice getting the time off, but I want to see her while she's still lucid. I didn't get that with Grampy.

Gonna try to keep it together this time.

January 21st, 2013

Family stuff.

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I'm slowly beginning to realize that I don't - quite - trust my mother anymore.

Non-abusive but unhappy and uncomfortable issues behind the cut. )

November 25th, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Mooglefamily House

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Making the pumpkin pie is never, ever uneventful at my house, starting with my very first attempt, in which I mixed up the tablespoon with the teaspoon and made Salty Bob's Salty Pumpkin Pie of Saltiness. (I have yet to live this down.) Another year saw the Great Cinnamon Upset, and this year we lost the can opener which led to Dad showing me how to laboriously open a can using one of those bottle opener things with the point on it.

"It's like watching someone churn butter," I said, earning myself the Sarcasm Award for the year. No, really, Dad found a sign at Michaels and said it was meant to be a Christmas present, but he just had to give it to me right then. Accomplishments do not go unrecognized in my family.

But that's usually how it goes, with holidays. We get into epic snark contests, we bitch about the extended family, and we tell old in-jokes until I nearly pee myself laughing. That's what I'm thankful for.

July 7th, 2011

*curls up and sighs*

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The funeral was today. It was genuinely very nice. Everyone had a lot of nice things to say. Dad's eulogy was about as awesome as eulogies get.

I held it together until the end of the service, and then it was nonstop waterworks until they put him in the ground, topped off by a stint of bawling into my aunt's friend's blouse.

Now I'm just emotionally exhausted. *flopthud*

July 2nd, 2011

Still not ready to talk about Grampy himself.

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But this is what happened. )

The funeral's set for Thursday, and I'm staying for it. I tried to get in contact with someone at work twice yesterday, but no luck. I'm going to call again in fifteen minutes, and if no one's available, I'm just going to leave a message. -_-

EDIT: Left a message with the receptionist. So hopefully I'm squared away.

July 1st, 2011

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My grandfather passed away last night.

More later.

June 29th, 2011

See you late Saturday.

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So, I'm off to see the family. (See previous entries under the family tag to know why I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about all this.) Don't wreck anything irreplaceable while I'm gone.

After I come back, I'll think about this DOTM thing.

June 1st, 2011


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So one of the seven zillion things I had to do last night was make a cabbagey salad thing for the 'cookout' at work today. (In quotes because, due to Heat Factor Whoa Nelly, it was more of a cookin.) I got the recipe from here, and yes that's the foodporn website. So I made that last night, and it tasted pretty good to me, and I was all *proud of myself! ^____^* Then this morning I wake up to a note from the female parental unit. "It tastes really salty to me," she wrote. "You might want to leave a little early and get some coleslaw from the grocery store."

Somebody's had an attack of the Mommies.

But like all budding cooks who have spent a lifetime having their hearts herded about by well-meaning helicopter moms, I was a bit shaken by my mother's judgement. When cookout time rolled around and everyone started to eat, I watched the salad level in the bowl as it dropped slowly, peeked at everyone's faces as they tried my offering. Finally, just as I was about to swear off cooking forever and live off of peanut butter sandwiches, somebody told me, "Moogle, your coleslaw is really good."

"Yeah, it's delicious," said another.

"I'm going to figure out the recipe," announced a third.

"Yay!" quoth I.

So victory tastes like pickled cabbage salad. I can't wait to tell my mother. ^_^

May 14th, 2011

Ugh, family.

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So, my grandfather's cancer has spread again. They're stopping chemo. He's got anywhere from two to nine months to live. I just hope he lasts long enough that I can see him one more time.

*head in hands*

With that said, complaining about my mother seems petty, but - I have got to move out, before we kill each other. Again I say, ugh. )

January 17th, 2011

Okay, because my brain is fried.

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Work is still kicking my ass. I think I've got a sort of decent equilibrium thus far, but I'm just so tired when I come home, physically and mentally, that I can't do anything. I haven't gotten any decent writing done in a while.

So between that, and some family stuff behind link, ) I've kind of lost my mind, but I know I've promised people I'd draw stuff/design stuff/make stuff for them. If I owe you something, please sound off? I'm going to be slow about it, but I want to keep my promises.

November 28th, 2010


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So some moron called my house at 5:30 AM Thanksgiving Day. I didn't pick up, naturally, but I thought some very naughty half-coherent curses in his direction. Turns out that moron was from the government, looking for my dad. I may have mentioned that my dad works at the Pentagon, and every time something goes pear-shaped anywhere in the world, Dad gets to run in and do his Kindergarten Teacher thing and tell everyone to calm down and have some graham crackers and a nap.

This week's crisis, if you remember, is this little snit between the Koreas. 5:30 AM Dude was trying to reach Dad in regards to holy shit, Kim Jong Il is going to Kill Us All This Time. Fortunately, he or she remembered to call Dad's cell after failing to reach him at home. Unfortunately, Dad was in the next time zone over at the time, and so he was treated to a 4:30 AM call. Dad directed the caller to call his deputy, and presumably refrained from profanity. He's a professional.

For the record, according to Dad, South shot first, but it was an accident. I now require a plane ticket to Seoul and a Korean translator who can explain to the guy who launched the accidental missile exactly why there is an enraged American girl beating him with a tire iron.

July 16th, 2010

Anyway, this cupcake is great. It's so delicious and moist.

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I had a Day Out with my mom yesterday - it's the first time in a while we've both had time for it. She really doesn't have a lot of time to do anything during the school year, and after school let out she and Dad went up to visit the grandparents for two weeks - ironically, they left the day after I came back from Botcon. So it felt like we hadn't seen each other in a while.

- going to a sushi-go-round for lunch. The last time I was at one of those was in Japan. The eel nigiri was amazing.
- Seeing Despicable Me. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Was funny and cute.
- There was a Lush store! *flailysquee* I got a bath bomb with lilhearts in it. ^_^
- On the way to the mall, Mom asked me to sing her a song, as she does sometimes. I sang "Still Alive." She thinks I am a psycho. ^_^

So that was nice.

Also, I am making progress on the Mythbusters/TFs crossover and the OC meme. Here's the ficlets for that so far:
Lacey the former Foot ninja and fire-jutsu user, TMNT 2K3 crossed over with Ghost Rider (LJ)
Pari, amnesiac half-Cybertronian, Transformers movieverse crossed over with an AU of The Ship Who Sang (IJ)
Sagewind, jackelope Maximal historian, Beast Wars (DW) (also with a bonus ficbit here because Dragovian encourages me shamelessly)*
Rena, chocobo jockey and caretaker, Final Fantasy 7 (DW)

*I need to have my revenge on her for that, because now I am bunnied to write Dinobot's adventures as the younger Maximals' combat instructor. Halp.

June 9th, 2010


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So my Grampy has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and recently he has been put in the hospital with a blood clot in his leg. This was maybe a week ago. Today (as in just now) I learned that my Grammy, his wife, has been put in the hospital as well. Grammy's health has been deteriorating for several years now, and she fell and broke her leg a couple years ago. Since then she's fallen again multiple times and sometimes hasn't remembered falling. Apparently she fell again today and went to the hospital, and the doctors are keeping her there because they suspect she has been having mini-strokes.

I know that the hospital is the best place for both of them, and Grammy at least probably should have gone a long time ago. But I am kind of Upset and Worried right now and I wish I could go visit them.

Prayers/good wishes etc. would be appreciated.

April 3rd, 2010

Sakura kissu~

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Went into D.C. to see the cherry blossoms this morning with Mom and Dad. The blossoms are starting to give way to leaves, but they're still all very pretty. We walked around the Tidal Basin, where there's so many of the trees that you're walking under a continuous canopy of faintly-pink. It was overcast and cool, and the water was all silver - very pretty. <3 We stopped by the Jefferson Memorial while we were there, too - worth the trip. Slaveowner notwithstanding, Tom was a pretty smart guy.

And now, my tongue is no longer quite so painful anymore, and Dad is upstairs making dough for his sugar cookies. Life doesn't suck.

March 8th, 2010

Oh, God. *hides face in hands*

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My grandfather (the still-alive one, obv) has started emailing me... Things. Forwarded things. You know.

Hardline conservative 'jokes' and juggled statistics. Lamenting how the poor, persecuted Republicans are soooooo persecuted and Obama and the Democrats are ruining the country and are terrists (dontchaknow) and the illegals are TAKING OWER JAAAWRBS.

I'm just... letting these pass without comment. Grampy is Old and Set In His Ways and has few joys in life. It would accomplished nothing to respond.

But I'm dreading my next family visit, when he shoves a printout of one of these things in my hands and waits for me to laugh.

"Yeah, that's great, Grampy. Let's shoot everybody with more than 10% screentone and leave them for the coyotes. Swell."

August 15th, 2009

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

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So, my boss informs me that I won't be going full time at the animal hospital. Time to whore myself out at the retail job sites, I suppose. Since 'not a complete drooling troglodyte' seems to be my only meaningful job qualification.

In contrast, my mom lost her teaching position at her old school last week due to a lack of students to fill the seats. Two days later, she had two interviews and two job offers. I'm trying not to be jealous about this, because a) she's a county employee so they had to put her somewhere, and b) she's a teacher and therefore has some value to society.

August 6th, 2009

It has been postulated that I am deranged.

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But I enjoy myself. ^_^ Look what I made! It's a present for [info]lookingforsigns, who may be as deranged as I am, but who knows.

Also, Dad came home from a business trip to California today and brought us some seriously amazing peaches.

July 13th, 2009

I want a metric butt-ton of balloons.

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Saw Up with my mom last night. It was adorable and tearjerking and funny, which, y'know, Pixar. ;P ...After the movie we shared some ice cream and talked about how we needed to lose weight. Girl bonding, LOL. XD

I'm sort of playing with the seed of an idea of a duo of fics and/or drabble sets in the Pokemon world, Pokemon: Magic and Pokemon: Science. Science would focus on the network of Pokemon researchers and Pokedex trainers, and their quest to discover How It All Works. Magic would focus on the mythology surrounding the Legendaries, and how that translates to a near reverence for nature in general among humans and their relationships with Pokemon. ...Naturally, since there's a third game in each generation that comes out a little later, I'd have to come out with a third fic-set called, I don't know, Culture or some such.

...Dear god, someone please pry these games out of my hands. XD

April 6th, 2009

They have lost their fishy will to live.

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My grandma, aunt & uncle, and cousin arrived yesterday to stay with us for a week while Mom's on spring break.

Today, two of our fish committed suicide.

This can't be a coincidence.
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