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June 18th, 2009

Galvatron/Rodimus pointless smut thing

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For (lj)vani_nessa, who bunnied me. And because I needed to cheer myself up.

Energon Paint )

June 29th, 2008

Just being silly.

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Kingdom Hearts/Beast Wars, gen, no real point except for Cute.

The dark portal opened... )

June 4th, 2008

Because if I talk about school again I think I really will do something I'll regret.

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From [info]wrongly_amused:

Comment with a sentence from one of my fanfictions. Without looking, I have to try and guess which fic of mine the sentence is from. If I fail, the challenger wins a drabble request. Post this in your own journal and let me challenge you!

Also, a bit of Fluffiroth, because he's been making cow eyes at me. In which Seph has been told that he has chocobo pox. )

EDIT: I caught part of a documentary on the evolution of sex in humans, and at the end credits it showed (of course, how else do you end these things) a sperm fertilizing an egg. "Thus begins a nine-month-long odyssey that ends in a miracle..." said the narrator. ...And then we cut to How It's Made, which basically takes you inside factories. AT FIRST I WAS LIEK o_O - AND THEN I LOL'D. Oh, Discovery Channel. I swear you do these ironic juxtapositions on purpose.

February 7th, 2008

Chinese New Year fic: Kings of New York

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*flops* Whew.

TMNT/Beast Wars/Fruits Basket (yes, really, and no, I don't have an explanation), short genthing just to see what would happen. Have a happy and prosperous Year of the Rat, y'all. ^_^ (Before you ask, yes, I'm a Rat too.)

And the funny thing was... )

February 5th, 2008

I ought to have been working on either springkink or my Year of the Rat fic...

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...but I read a fic that promised me Galvatron/Rodimus and then only gave me about a sentence of it, and Galvatron peeked over my shoulder and was like "That's unacceptable!"

And I was like, "Inorite."

And he was like, "You, flesh creature! Write me!"

And I was like, "...argh."

Therefore, don't blame me for this. Blame Galvatron. Untitled ficbit, PG-ish, Galvatron has a Roddy in his bed.

Though nothing had changed... )

January 7th, 2008

I can has canon?

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FFVII fans, question: post-AC, how much does the General Populace know about That Thing With Meteor and Sephiroth's involvment therein? Because I mean Seph didn't exactly tend to leave witnesses, and Shinra placed the blame on Avalanche... but Our Heroes sure as hell wouldn't keep it a secret, and someone's probably asked why Shinra isn't mad at the tree-hugging hippy ecoterrorists anymore. Would it be reasonable to think that most people still think of Sephiroth as a war hero who disappeared under mysterious circumstances? Or have underground sources ferreted out the truth, or did Reeve make a press release...? I'm debating whether Rufus would find Seph a useful symbol, among other things.

January 1st, 2008

*ratty kisses for all*

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The New Year dawned with lots of fluffy snow. I choose to take this as an omen.

To do tomorrow: send in my entry for Interweave's crochet pattern call, spend at least one of the gift cards I got from my grandparents, and get ready for Ohayocon.

Also, thiscoming Chinese New Year is going to kick off the Year of the Rat, so I think I have to write something involving Rattrap and Splinter in time for that. And possibly Yuki Souma. And probably inserting myself since I'm a Rat, just for the hell of it. (Squeak!)

Also just for the hell of it, my New Years' Resolutions are as follows: graduate, become gainfully employed, finish my novel (or at least get most of it done), and lose my virginity. (Not that I'm much of a virgin. The amount of porn I've produced would send any self-respecting unicorn running for the hills.)

December 22nd, 2007

Um... merry Christmas? ^_^;;;;

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I think I banged this out in the space of three days. Sephiroth wouldn't let me go until I finished it. You can put your sword away now, General Sephiroth sir...

This will make a hell of a lot more sense (relatively speaking) if you read [info]ciceqi's Tentacleverse first. Like, all of it. Trust me on this. (There's not that much, and you will not regret the time spent.)

Title: Cling
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles, to my eternal shame, I'm sure. ^_^;;;
Series: Final Fantasy 7, Tentacleverse, crack AU
Characters: Sephiroth/Cloud with hints of Sephiroth/Zack, Rufus
Rating: T for tentacles.
Word Count: 1877. *faints* haet u, Sephiroth.

If there had been anyone else there, except Zack... )

December 14th, 2007

Ehehe. ^_^;;;

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I just got an email from someone asking if they could translate some of my TF fics into Russian.

I'm on my way to becoming a BNF, people! w00t! XD .....*flailblush*

More later, as I am so freaking tired.

November 8th, 2007

Brief moogleupdate.

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- Final project in A/V due on Monday. I really hope I shot enough footage today to get a decent thirty seconds' worth of frames. Video cameras are a pain. I don't think I'll be opting for a career in the film industry any time soon.

- Mom's after me to get new clothes for my cousin's wedding over Thanksgiving. Today she bought me a gold lamè tank top and gushed over how good it looked on me. o_O I told her I'd wear it if I got to wear a shrug over top. I wish I had time to make one, but eh.

- I spent all of my $50 gift certificate to the local bookstore. It took me maybe twenty minutes, tops. ;P I got three manga (Negima 13 & 14 and Aqua 1) and a book on amigurumi that had a humanoid pattern I thought was adorable. Might adapt it to make fandom plushies.

- I have a Seph-and-Zack ficbit floating around in my head, as well as a bit of Lambo Sammich; I should really see about writing those out.

- I've managed to mislay my DS, possibly at the cast party, and I'd really really like it back now please.

August 7th, 2007

IBARW, ficlet 1

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(That's International Blog Against Racism Week, y'all. ;)) Uncharacteristically for me, this is rated G.

Two Black Rangers, a sunset, and some boyish flirting... )
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