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December 6th, 2015

So, seen the new FF7-R trailer yet?

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So apparently Squenix decided not enough people were talking about VII-R and released a gameplay trailer. With the usual caveats that this is a work in progress and may be tweaked, I have a few thoughts:

- The combat appears to be roughly FFXII-style, as far as I can make out. Which is about what I expected, but still kind of disappointing. The combat in XII felt too clumsy and uncontrolled to me. Straight turn-based wouldn’t really fit with the rest of the design anymore, but at the very least I’m hoping it’ll play more like Kingdom Hearts than XII.
- The expanded dialogue sounds great. So does the voice acting. (Except for Wedge. Poor Wedge, what have they done to you?) …unfortunately the dubbing is pretty awful. That sort of thing usually doesn’t bother me, but it’s immersion-breaking in this trailer.
- Moving around the map appears to have more to it than hold-X-to-run, which is an improvement. And it’s bigger, or at least seems that way due to the new camera angle - hopefully this means more little corners to poke in and little details to discover.
- I am happy about the art. It still looks like Midgar.
- Cloud looks terrible. Like he really has just escaped from a lab. His arms are so skinny and there’s shadows under his eyes, the poor thing.
- I’m fairly sure we saw Barret’s Hot Shot - it looks awesome. And GUARD SCORPION. Holy crap, it’s terrifying.
- Why is Barret wearing sunglasses at night? So he can, so he can see the light that’s right before his eyes.

Overall I’m impressed, but I’m trying to sit on my enthusiasm. I’ve been hoping for this for years but now that it’s happening I feel kind of worried. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t trust Squenix to be able to tell the difference between what needs updating & reworking and what should be preserved. FFVII was the game that got me hooked on RPGs, and I adore it glitches and bad dialogue and all, and a polished-up version is by necessity going to lose some of that. I’ve been kinda turned off to AAA console gaming for years now - the most recent console I own is a Wii - and if Squenix tries to make this thing fall into line with modern console games or even more modern FF games (I’m looking at you, XV), it’ll end up boring me. Or annoying me. Possibly both.

Also if I catch even a hint of Genesis, I am going to strangle someone.

(Think we’ll get some more WEAPONs to beat up? :D)

January 13th, 2015

On a lighter note...

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...for those of you who aren't on DW, I've written a couple more short things since landing on the Island. Lieutenant Buckethead (FFVII, pre-game, not CC compliant), and Close Encounters of the Sewer Kind (Avengers/TMNT crossover, takes place during The Winter Soldier.)

Both links go to AO3.

(Am working on a larger project, TF this time. Watch this space.)

October 18th, 2011

The continuefic meme, completed!

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Okay, who ordered the Mooglefluff Special?

For (lj)caiusmajor: Future scene of "For Science!"
For (lj)__wilderness__: Future scene of "Drunken Conversations I"
For (lj)femme4jack: Future scene of "Just to relieve the pressure..."
For (lj)chibirisuchan: Future scene of "Mythbusters Season 9 Interlude: The Autobot Special"
For (lj)katharos_8: Future scene of "Kup the sex guru"
For (lj)minibot_love: Past scene of "Hero, the Autobot Basset Hound of Doom"
For (lj)requiem_revista: Concurrent scene of "Damp (Galvatron/Scourge)"
For (lj)eaten_by_bears: Future scene of "Dominant (Rodimus/Cyclonus)
For (lj)kyra_neko_rei: Future scene of "Bad Cop, Worse Cop"

For [info]deepbluesquee: Moar Fluffiroth, moar Autobot chocobos, moar Autobot-dogs-with-self-insert, and moar Autobot Cloud, thing one and thing two.

August 29th, 2011

Fic: Storm System

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G1/FF7 crossover. The Autobots have a new recruit! What could go wrong?

Over on AO3.

December 3rd, 2010

Fic post.

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All on DW, linked here so y'all lovely people can see it. And praise me. ;)

Text - FF7 Nibelheim fixit fic, very fluffy.

Two Sparks, Both Alike In Lack of Dignity - Beast Wars, fictrade for [info]justbolts. In which Rattrap's memories of Dinobot just won't die. Literally. ;)

Untitled G1 S3 fic, and untitled G1 S1-2 fic. Both were written at work while I was waiting for the doctors to get their act together, and are really just bits of silly.

August 27th, 2010

There are pictures on my camera too, but I can't find my camera.

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This is how adorable Ravyn and I were at the state fair:

(Still working on the "elbow pointing toward the viewer" foreshortening thing.)

And some other skibbles, unrelated to the State Fair Adventure. )

July 12th, 2010

I'm pretty sure I've done this before....

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...but since cramping from diaphragm to ankles makes it hard to concentrate on writing anything of substance, I shall give you some pairing memes instead. These are for my main fandoms, FFVII and Transformers G1; if the mood strikes, I may do it for others.

Team Humans! )

Team Robots! )

January 14th, 2010

"On Broken Wings," chapter 3

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A lot of setup and exposition in this chapter, mostly. Also, Seph needs hugs.

Title: On Broken Wings
Rating: PG, gen for now, though I make no promises as to later chapters
Word Count: 4620
Previous Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Sephiroth paused, hands tight on Gleipnir's reins... )

October 27th, 2009

Random prompt #1, on IJ anyway.

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Seph/Zack/Cloud, pregame smut. :D As requested by [info]ardwynna.

Yes, he's doing it on purpose. )

July 30th, 2009

I'm really not sure how to interpret this.

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FF7 dream, starring Sephiroth, me, and probably my abandonment issues. )

...I like to think that afterwards, there were Wingcuddles.

July 29th, 2009

Old plotbunnies don't die, they just give you something to skibble at work.

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My scanner's still not working, but fortunately, Dad has a shiny working scanner upstairs. Unfortunately, it made my tentacle!Roddy skibble ug-ly and I'm not going to re-scan it tonight. I'll get it up tomorrow.

So here are two others to hold you over 'til then. )

July 15th, 2009

Can't end well.

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I'm getting back into the writing groove again. Slowly. In fits and starts. Clearly my writerbrain runs on diesel.

Have a silly short thing, kind of an omake to Myths Jamie and Adam Never Busted. In which Optimus is introduced to America's national pastime... no, the other one. )

I've also written a couple of other short things in various places. I'm mostly linking them here so I remember to throw them onto DW at some point.
FFVII AU with tentacles, birthday fic for [info]chibirisuchan.
Megatron/Sam for [info]porn_battle, also with tentacles and holy shit I just picked up on that theme. Ahahaha, I are the dumb. Also, this fic is decidedly non-con and Not At All Right, so.

Also, someone please please MST this. It's got it all: mpreg, gratuitous rape, OOC, Oh The Drama, terrible grammar and spelling errors and some srsly bad writing. The worst part is, I could really go for some crack like this if it was only written well. XD

June 20th, 2009


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No sooner do I overcome my common sense and express interest in becoming a writer for GirlGamer.com, than I get an email inviting me to a Power Rangers RP. And it's one that I was contemplating before, so I already have a character in mind, but oh god I can't take on even one more thing. Let alone two. My brain, you guys. My poor braaaaiiiin. ;_;

...speaking of my poor brain and being stretched thin. I don't have either springkink fic written that's due tomorrow, and I need to go to bed soon 'cause I have work at seven AM tomorrow. I... think at least one's gonna be late. *whimperthud*

Aaaand some fandom-related angstmongering, just to round things out. )


June 8th, 2009

I've crossed the streams something awful, you guys. XD

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So there are big tanks full of green liquid in Team Galactic Headquarters in Pokemon Diamond. My brain, of course, went straight to 'Mako tubes' and now I'm picturing a Pokemon!Sephiroth running around in a cloud of Mewtwo-like angst. It doesn't help that I already have a bitty Pokemon-trainer OC in my head, yo.

The enemy SEPHIROTH used SKEWER!

A critical hit!

AERIS fainted!



It's super effective!

In other news, springkink is going swimmingly. I'll troll shamelessly for comments later. >_>

April 17th, 2009

Estuans iterius, Moogleroth?

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Last night I dreamed I was searching for materials to cosplay as Sephiroth.

Which I would totally do, if it wasn't for two minor logistical problems, a.k.a. my breasts.

March 16th, 2009

"On Broken Wings," Chapter 2

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Sephiroth's kind of been all over the internet lately. I guess he got tired of waiting.

Title: On Broken Wings
Rating: PG, gen for now, though I make no promises as to later chapters
Word Count: 4261
Previous Chapter: Prologue, Chapter 1

Shera called Sephiroth away from the window... )

February 23rd, 2009

Because everyone needs more Cranky Old Techie snark in their lives.

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FF7/Transformers ficbit, for no particular reason.

I thought they'd get along. Er, in their own special way. )

February 9th, 2009

Thank-you drabbles.

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Thanks for cheering me up, everyone. I'm sorry I worried you. I'm not going anywhere, I promise - if nothing else, it'd be rude to saddle my parents with my student loans. ;P Anyway, I'm okay now. Mostly. More or less. ...look, I wrote ficlets, I can't be that far gone.

Also, there's a fluffy puppy at work. It's hard to be sad with a puppy.


In which Kairi and Optimus Primal are Cute. )

In which Leonardo and Cloud stretch the limits of phallic metaphor. )

January 13th, 2009

*points at Jou*

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Please direct all lynchings in [info]stopthatgirl7's direction. Because this is all. Her. Fault.


That is all.

November 20th, 2008

Ohhh, hell.

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I know I'm spamming, but I have to write this down before it disappears again. I think I have a theory as to what happened to FF7's world in Kingdom Hearts.

So, when Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia in the Crater? That right there is when their world went to The Darkness. Rather than summon Meteor, Sephiroth summoned the Heartless and Cloud was right in the middle of it with his mind shattered: hence the wing, the meeting up with Hades, and the constant 'guilt guilt angst angst' mode he's in. (More so than he usually is, I mean.)

The problem with this, of course, is that Aeris was already an ex-Aeris by then, so here's where my theory skews a little AU: at the Temple of the Ancients, when Cloud freaks out and hands over the Black Materia and then attacks Aeris? I think Sephiroth was already half-gone to the Heartless by then, because basically Cloud keeps Aeris from running off on her own by injuring her too badly to travel. Guilt guilt, angst angst.

This is a fine note to be going to bed on. *headdesk*
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