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January 2nd, 2009

Hah! I actually accomplished something today!

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But before that, further to my last post, adding two new goals. First, update my website and get it on a regular update schedule (once a month should be plenty), and second, stop falling down the stairs. x_x

Anyway. Taking a page from [info]vani_nessa's book, I'm doing the 50_sentences thing without actually signing up. Soooo, have 25 snippets of not-necessarily-canon explodey goodness for Five Myths Jamie and Adam Never Busted. From theme set Epsilon.

You're welcome. )

#26-50 coming tomorrow, unless I fall down the stairs again.

Need a Mythbusters icon.

January 1st, 2009

Goals, not resolutions.

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Because goals are something you work towards, not something you lay around and feel guilty that you're not doing. And I'm having one of those fat-ugly-worthless lives days, so I have to do something to snap me out of it. So. Lists. Lists of Things. Things to Do. Yes. *nods.*

- Corset: get it done this month, in a fashion that doesn't leave me scrambling for my camera at 2359 hours Jan 31. -_- (Shouldn't be hard, the pieces work up pretty quickly, but I need to leave some wiggle room in case the experimental bits don't work out like I want.)
- Naked Ultra Magnus (x2) for Ravyn: will probably take longer, but my goal is March 1. Even though there's two, it shouldn't take as long as Perceptor did because I have a little better idea of what I'm doing.
- At least three pieces for when I debut my Etsy shop, goal April 1. Considering how many half-finished projects I have floating around, that shouldn't be too hard.

- Five Myths Jamie and Adam Never Busted: get it done by summer, dammit. It's been floating around way too long. I don't know if the fic itself deserves better, but the concept certainly does.
- The Rose Bearer: mostly finished by the end of the year. Of course, I said that last year too and I wrote about, uh, one chapter. All year. It's completely ridiculous when I already know basically how it's going to go. *headdesk*
- On Broken Wings: ...I don't like the name anymore. Also, finish the new chapter.
- At least one short story/comic: published by the end of the year.

Video Games
- Final Fantasy 9: best game I never finished.
- Final Fantasy 12: or by the time I beat it, all the good fanfic authors will have moved on.
- Transformers: both the DS game and the Wii game by the time the new movie comes out

- Join that tai chi place I keep driving by; Mom's promised to pay for it already, it's just on me to get off my ass.
- Some kind of regular aerobic exercise (DDR Hottest Party if I can get it or con my parents into getting it, for preference)

- Get a frakkin' job

.....I may be setting myself up for failure, here. *staaaaaares at list* o_o
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