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July 17th, 2010

This has actually been building for a while.

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I don't understand why this is so hard.

Okay, so, Ke$ha. Can't stand her. I mean, tooth-grinding, skin-crawling, turn-off-the-radio-rather-than-listen-to-her loathing. There's not many artists - indeed not many things - I can say that about, but she definitely qualifies. She, as the poets say, grinds my gears.

This being true, what would I do if I were to meet someone who actually likes her music? Or if one of you, my dear flist, were to come forward and say, "I have a confession to make: I am Ke$ha's Bigge$t Fan." Confronted with such a direct threat to my way of life, stability of mind, and the cheap supply of oil, how would I be compelled to respond?

Simple. I wouldn't.

In the course of your life - unless you go to truly heroic lengths - you will come across people who like things you don't, believe things you don't, and do things you wouldn't. You may be perturbed, confused, annoyed, even pearl-clutchingly offended. Understand that I am not condemning or judging you for those feelings. Feel what you feel, but realize that a) unless they're causing real harm to real people, what people like/believe/do is their business alone, and b) how you react is your business alone. If you act like a jerk, it doesn't matter what you're being a jerk about - you're still acting like a jerk. It is not wrong of me to dislike Ke$ha and to think she is symptomatic of a deep sickness in our society; it would be wrong of me to accuse anyone who can stand her of being drug-addicted whores. Just for example.

This goes double for fandom, obviously (I'm sorry, your pet ship or anti-ship is not filed under Srs Bzns, would you like to look under Hobbies?), but it can be applied to many, many things. You say you go to a psychic twice a week? I wish you all joy. You have a fetish for doing Biblically unsanctioned things to cucumbers? As long as the cucumber is a consenting adult, have fun. You have political views that do not jive with mine? Great, let's have a debate with stuffed animals sometime. You believe in a god I've never heard of and regularly sacrifice copies of The Watchtower to her? Put in a good word for me, just in case.

But I really don't Get wasting good outrage on these things. You're not making the world a better place by acting like you're morally superior to someone else. Quite the opposite in some cases. Why not save it for something that matters?

I'm Just Sayin' (TM).

June 28th, 2010

The Botcon Report!

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Ta-da! The Botcon Report! ...Well, mostly it's just me transcribing all my voice posts (minus the um's and uh's) with some additional notes. Since the voice posts are LJ-exclusive, I might as well do this for my IJ and DW friends too. <3

Long post is long and rambly. )

Picture post and a few skibbles coming soon. Oasis has some of the pictures I want to post, since my camera died Sunday afternoon.

August 14th, 2009

Real subtle.

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Hay guys! Wanna scare yourself shitless?

What 'worldview' (whatever the hell that means) are YOU? :D Brought to you by 'Worldview Weekend', the online magazine on Christian worldview, Biblical worldview and, I dunno, kicking evolutionary biologists' puppies or something.

Actually, the best that I can figure, 'worldview' is basically a set of rock-hard biases and prejudices through which you filter everything that comes your way. One would think that this would be, y'know, kind of a negative thing, but these guys seem to take it as the Natural Order of Things. The only negative, apparently, is if you have a filter that doesn't quite line up with theirs. Fortunately, if you get a low score, the site provides suggestions about how you can submit to brainwashing improve your Biblical Worldview. These suggestions include attending summit camps or weekend worldview conferences, reading certain books (there is a respectable list, but I notice with interest that the Bible is not on it), and selling all you have and giving the money to the poor. No, wait, that'd just be silly.

Alternatively, you could just memorize the 'correct answers' that they thoughtfully provide for you.

Guys, they're not even trying to pretend anymore, are they?

(For the record: my score was negative 73 points. My classification is "Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker", because obviously all those things are exactly the same.)

May 28th, 2009

Wank? In MY robot sex community? It's more likely than you think!

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The Internet: where nothing is too small to argue over. Warnings for mild brain-breakage, if you are not an active member of the Transformers porn scene. )

This shit is cutting into my (lj)springkink time, dammit. *grumpymoogle*

December 16th, 2008

Eeee, kitty.

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Day 4: Today I made a new friend - an absolutely beautiful cat named Zen. She's smaller and more finely-built than most cats, with beautiful dark brown stripes on pale tan fur. I'd let Mom borrow my camera, otherwise I would've tried to sneak a picture of her... anyway, she's a total and utter sweetheart and I was upstairs loving on her every chance I got. ^_^;;; I'll be sad when she leaves tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to get one last cuddle in.

You know, having this job has really driven home how much more comfortable with animals I am than with people. I can rattle off the names, breeds, health issues, likes and dislikes of every animal I take care of, but I still barely remember the receptionists' names. They're all perfectly nice people and have been nothing but friendly to me, but I just... haven't connected with them, I guess. Of course, I never really figured out the secret to making human friends. Animals are less complicated. And less likely to shred your self-esteem for their own amusement, but that's neither here nor there.

In other news, I'm linking this for my own reference, because it makes me feel like writing again.
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