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May 25th, 2013

Why don't little kids run the world again?

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My mother teaches second grade, and this is a story she told me today.

The class was about to do a lesson on Susan B. Anthony, and so my mom wanted to illustrate to them what the fight for women's suffrage was all about. So she held a vote, but informed the class, "I only want the girls to vote. I don't care about what the boys have to say." The class shuffled in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, then one of the girls declared, "But that's not fair!"

Two more girls spoke up before the boys found their voices - apparently her boys are a shy bunch this year. But before long the whole class was protesting. At that point Mom could ask, "but why isn't it fair?" and begin their discussion. The kids talked about how it felt to be excluded and not listened to, and again it was a girl who stepped up, saying that she wouldn't want anyone to do that to her, so nobody should do it to the boys either.

At that point Mom wrote a word on the blackboard. That word was "empathy." "This is a sixth-grade word," she told them, "but it's exactly what you're talking about. It means putting yourself in another person's position and understanding how they feel, even though you haven't had the same experiences."

I've been thinking a lot about intersectionality lately, and how all of us are a lot more divided by our differences than we should be in the fight for social justice. White feminists have failed women of color. Men and women don't trust each other. People of different religions are literally killing each other. People with mental or physical disabilities slip through Grand Canyon-sized cracks. Even the LGBT community is divided against itself. Sometimes I think we'll never stop battling each other long enough to make any progress.

But that classroom gets it. Empathy united the boys and the girls. Empathy empowered the "privileged class" to reject their privilege and prioritize people. There's still a lot to learn - for everyone - but it all starts with empathy.
It gave me hope, anyway. Maybe it will give you hope too.

January 23rd, 2013

Guys. YOU GUYS. *waves madly*

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THE BAN ON WOMEN IN COMBAT ROLES HAS BEEN LIFTED. Oh my gods and goddesses I can't even say how huge this is. (And no, the irony of me saying this when I myself would sooner fling myself into a vat of addled mantis shrimp than join the military is not lost on me. I'm happy for my far-more-badass sisters, okay?)

We won a boss fight on the quest for gender equality, y'all. ^_^

November 8th, 2012

Re: the election.

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I'm not going to get too political. Y'all pretty much know my leanings. This is more about how I felt that day.

Even so, gonna cut this, 'cause people are probably sick of hearing about the whole shindig by now. )

August 20th, 2012

Something I've been guiltily wondering about.

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Is it possible to live in a modern, industrial society - and fully participate in it, I mean, not go live off the grid in a hippie commune or something - without relying on the products of slave labor/sweatshop labor/inequitable workplace practices? Because it seems like everything you buy that doesn't have a 'Fair Trade' label (and sometimes not even then) comes to us via someone being exploited horribly. I'm not comfortable with living off the suffering of fellow human beings. That way lies the violent fall of empires.


July 11th, 2012

What if they threw a self-righteous asshole party and nobody came?

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Excuse me while I wallow in schadenfreude.

(Short version: a bunch of Catholic bishops got together and threw a rally in support of their freedom to deny women birth control. Nobody showed up. Watch as they desperately attempt to convince the public that they are not completely irrelevant!)

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against the Catholic religion in general, or you if you happen to be Catholic. I find a lot of beauty in the religion. The current Catholic leadership, on the other hand, I cordially invite to go and feast upon a big bowl of dicks.

June 29th, 2012

My feels, let me show you them.

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Here's why I think the Affordable Care Act is a good thing.

Further explanation and ranting under cut. )

*deep breath* *calming manatee*

In completely unrelated news, I'm finally caught back up with TF:Prime. ALL THE BULKHEAD-AND-MIKO-RELATED FEELS

June 3rd, 2012

How I "fell away," as the saying goes.

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With the national discourse unable to stop talking for ten gorram seconds about Teh Gay, it was pretty inevitable this episode would pop up in my head. Gather round, kiddies, it's Storytime With Moogle.

Why I'm Not A Christian Anymore )

May 9th, 2012

Current events.

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Dear people who voted to enshrine bigotry in their state constitution and strip families of vital protection in North Carolina,

Well, bless your heart.

Hurry up and go the way of the dodo already,


Dear President Obama,

I'm giving you a hug right now. Can you feel it? Massive. Hug.

Thank you,

February 1st, 2012

Like wrestling a pig in mud, as the saying goes, except I don't think that's mud.

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Sorry, I just had to bleed this out. )

February 22nd, 2011

Gimme some of that sweet, sweet irony.

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Oh, Limbaugh. You will never fail to be hilarious. In a sickening sort of way. (Does anyone listen to the man seriously anymore? I mean, besides as a cure for low blood pressure?)

Rush Limbaugh suggests first lady is overweight (via Salon)

Oh no, Mr. Limbaugh. Oh no no no. You do not get to talk about anybody else's weight as a negative. Have you looked in a mirror lately? Have you stepped on a scale? How do you spew these things without your own latent humanity rising up and strangling you, like Leia versus Jabba the Hutt? (Don't think about that too hard or your brain will go to the bad place.) He compares her to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. He suggests that this is the model the First Lady should aspire to. In the words of the sages, fuck that noise.

I have not listened to Rush's full rant on the subject (because I do not have any blood pressure problems and would prefer to keep it that way, thanks), but I suspect that his goal is to paint Mrs. Obama with the brush of hypocrisy, what with her pet issue being childhood obesity and eating healthy and all. If anyone is brave enough to confirm or bust that myth, let me know, but either way, re: hypocrisy - I say again. Mr. Limbaugh, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Honestly, it's a bit of a ticklish operation to remark on this. People have been remarking on Limbaugh's weight, and using it to demonize him, practically since before I was born. Not that the man isn't a tool, but it's entirely too easy to use his weight as a metaphor for all of his awfulness in part because it's become such a convenient shorthand in our political discourse. If this were any other rant, I probably wouldn't bring Limbaugh's weight up at all, but his going after Mrs. Obama's weight specifically kind of declares open season on his physique to my way of thinking. The man is obese. He's also a shit-stirring, mysogynist waste of air. The two facts are probably not related, but in combination they preclude him from getting away with this nonsense.

And here's where I get a little political, re: women's bodies being used as political footballs. Or maybe hockey sticks. I suck at sports metaphors. )

You know what? I don't think Mrs. Obama herself is going to be too bothered by this. She strikes me as a supremely confident and secure woman, and she is obviously not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. Even if she did have a little junk in her trunk, it's such a non-issue that it's going to go 'plink' and bounce right off like a pebble off an Abrams tank. I picture her hearing about this and rolling her eyes, maybe laughing a little, and then going right back to Being Awesome without a single fuck given about the Limbaughs of the world.

And that, dear readers, is exactly how it should be.

November 28th, 2010


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So some moron called my house at 5:30 AM Thanksgiving Day. I didn't pick up, naturally, but I thought some very naughty half-coherent curses in his direction. Turns out that moron was from the government, looking for my dad. I may have mentioned that my dad works at the Pentagon, and every time something goes pear-shaped anywhere in the world, Dad gets to run in and do his Kindergarten Teacher thing and tell everyone to calm down and have some graham crackers and a nap.

This week's crisis, if you remember, is this little snit between the Koreas. 5:30 AM Dude was trying to reach Dad in regards to holy shit, Kim Jong Il is going to Kill Us All This Time. Fortunately, he or she remembered to call Dad's cell after failing to reach him at home. Unfortunately, Dad was in the next time zone over at the time, and so he was treated to a 4:30 AM call. Dad directed the caller to call his deputy, and presumably refrained from profanity. He's a professional.

For the record, according to Dad, South shot first, but it was an accident. I now require a plane ticket to Seoul and a Korean translator who can explain to the guy who launched the accidental missile exactly why there is an enraged American girl beating him with a tire iron.

November 2nd, 2010

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October 27th, 2010


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Finished my Team Stewart shirt for the rally on Saturday. Pictures once my wrist recovers from squeezing all the paint out of that little bottle. XD

September 23rd, 2010


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So I'd thought that the Rally to Restore Sanity was on the 30th of September and was disappointed that I had work and couldn't go.

Turns out it's on October 30th, and I can indeed go! Eeee!

Team Stewart shirt, here I come!

(Considering the subject matter, this minor drama is probably deeply ironic on some level, but having grown up on Alanis Morissette, I do not use 'ironic' correctly anyway.)

August 10th, 2010

Dear extreme-right-wing nutjobs.

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I've been hearing a lot of noise lately about how those who oppose you are not Real Americans. Cut for people who are sick of reading about politics - believe me, I do not blame you. )

And no, you can't see my birth certificate.

(This isn't aimed at anyone on my flist, in case you were wondering.)

August 4th, 2010


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Judge Walker Strikes Down Proposition 8


March 8th, 2010

Oh, God. *hides face in hands*

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My grandfather (the still-alive one, obv) has started emailing me... Things. Forwarded things. You know.

Hardline conservative 'jokes' and juggled statistics. Lamenting how the poor, persecuted Republicans are soooooo persecuted and Obama and the Democrats are ruining the country and are terrists (dontchaknow) and the illegals are TAKING OWER JAAAWRBS.

I'm just... letting these pass without comment. Grampy is Old and Set In His Ways and has few joys in life. It would accomplished nothing to respond.

But I'm dreading my next family visit, when he shoves a printout of one of these things in my hands and waits for me to laugh.

"Yeah, that's great, Grampy. Let's shoot everybody with more than 10% screentone and leave them for the coyotes. Swell."

January 11th, 2010

These are the things that go on in my brain.

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So, watching the news. They were talking about the recently-passed bill allowing same-sex marriage in the District (insert victory dance here). It's apparently in limbo for a period of thirty days, after which it will become law 'if no one successfully challenges it.'

Said I to Dad, "What exactly does that mean? One guy is walking down the aisle in Congress to challenge the bill, and another guy sticks out a foot and trips him?"

"Yeah, that's about it," says Dad. Now you know where I get my smart-assery.

Of course I had to take the analogy further. Well, in that scenario, it'd almost be like a gauntlet: you'd have to walk down the aisle to the front without getting tripped/stepping in a bucket/getting a Kick Me sign taped to your back. Or what have you. And some people might be willing to brave that - take one for the team, as it were, but chances of success are pretty low. Well, what about subterfuge? Somebody sneaks in through the janitor's entrance at midnight, clutching an enveloped marked 'CHALLENGE' in big, unfriendly letters? But! Your opponents are keeping watch in the rafters, armed with blowdarts of Censure! Ninja congresspeople!

This would be an awesome anime, you guys. XD

September 16th, 2009

The night is full of holes / as bullets rip the sky of ink with gold

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You ever write one of those scenes, step back, and realize that you needed to write it out, but it's not going to make it into the fic proper? It's like, okay, now I know what happens and how it all fits together, but I'm still a little frustrated that I put in the time and it's not going to go into my total wordcount. *grumbles and puts my Mythbuster muses away for the night*

How to prevent rape! No, for real this time.

Reason number 20394 why I love the President.

Also, I rode my bike up a Big Hill today! I was tempted to give up halfway through, but I made it all the way to the top! And then my thighs exploded and I died.

August 24th, 2009


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One of the interesting things about having a low emotional intelligence is I keep discovering new things about myself.

You all know how I feel about gay rights, and marriage equality in particular. (And for those of you who are new to this journal, let me break it down in simple terms: DO WANT.) I'm at least conceptually bisexual, so that may have something to do with it, but even if I was straight I'd still feel this strongly about it.* ...However, I'm not vocal about it in my public life. Now granted, I'm not vocal about much of anything in my public life, but still, even an introvert wants to declare herself once in awhile. "Here I stand sit, with a book; I can do no other."

Enter the National Marriage Boycott: a student movement whose members pledge not to marry until the right of gay couples to wed is recognized. The repeal of DOMA (boo, hiss) seems to be the stated goal for most of these pledgers, which is probably a good thing. Those couples waiting around for all 50 states to make gay marriage legal will probably be living in sin for a long time.

"What a great idea," thinks I. "What a nice ring. And hey, it won't be a hardship at all to keep that pledge. Where do I sign up?"

...Except I didn't. I dithered, and then I closed the tab in a fit of Feeling Uncomfortable. I've been working a little harder on trusting my gut lately, but I still would like some semblance of a rational explanation that my gut isn't providing. I never thought marriage was something important to me, or a goal that I had. I can't even picture myself being married. And yet, and yet.

I don't know. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. I think part of me would be appalled if some friends came to me and said, "Because you're not allowed to marry Yomiko Readman**, we're going to forgo that happiness in our own lives." Maybe that's all it is.

And yet, and yet.

*At least I hope so. Otherwise, I need to have a long talk with me.

**Just for example.
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