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January 16th, 2010

Feel free to scroll down to the Galvatron/Roddy shenanigans.

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Just talking out my issues/options/etc. You've all heard this before. )

Now that that's over with, have some fic.
Untitled, Galvatron/Hot Rod, for porn_battle. [info]rosieknight kind of inspired it via this thread, and it'd probably be a good idea to read that first. (And yes, I'm totally answering my own prompts. It's not like anyone else was. Transformers fandom is sadly absent on IJ, which is probably why I still have an LJ.)
Untitled, Galvatron/Rodimus plus First Aid, nothing more destructive than talking. Because it occurs to me that most people don't check my DW on a regular basis, who might want to see this. ^_^;;;;

Also, please someone talk me out of making a Rodimus flash vid to 'Breaking the Habit.' Not only could I probably not handle the 'lol rodimus is suicidal emo lol' comments that would inevitably result from posting it on YouTube, my Flash skills are not that good.

November 2nd, 2009

Two years and $metric assload of debt, floating down shit creek...

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So, I emailed my former professors at OIP&T hoping to get a recommendation towards a brand-new college. The emails were returned as undeliverable. Went to the website to see what's up.

Turns out, the programs I graduated from? Don't exist anymore.

This is not a good sign.

November 1st, 2009

So, for my *actual* birthday...

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...there were Pancakes, and Pie, and Presents, and this birthday is brought to you by the letter P oh my god I totally did not do that on purpose. XD Also Phone Calls from my grandparents argh there I go again! And DDR Hottest Party 2, which is quite fun, although I think the Wii dance pad is a bit smaller and less forgiving of crooked steps than my PS2 one. (A bad workman blames his tools, a bad dancer blames her dance pad, I know, I know.) Anyway, despite the increased fail, I did dance on it twice today, which is probably a record for me.

Oh my sweet zombie Jesus, I'm 25. *angst angst angst*

I'm kind of envious of all the NaNo people (so, like, half my flist this year). I'd love to do it, but - well, I've got a ton of other stuff to work on. My goal this month is to finish those four springkink prompts I Epic Fail'd on last round, and sneak them in on this round. At least then I'd have one less thing to feel guilty over. ...Oh, and also this stupid 'personal essay' bull I have to do for applying to this university. I hate doing those things. They combine the gut-wrenching panic of a test you haven't studied for with the shame and madness of exposing your fragile psyche to some faceless strangers who have the power to decide your immediate and long-term fate. ...Or maybe that's just me.

October 24th, 2009

xkcd is wrong.

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I'm a week from turning 25, and I still feel like I have no control over my own life. Case in point: despite my misgivings I'm getting down the names of some colleges to apply to. I'm absolutely dreading going back to school,* but I just don't have any other options.

*little black raincloud over mooglehead*

I was actually researching degrees in game art, because as long as I have to go back, I might as well go for something really cool, right? :D ...Apparently that was a bad idea. Dear readers, my search took me into the dark and slimy underbelly of the American educational system, where degree factories tart themselves up with glittery programs and beckon the unwary into dark alleys. I'm not sure I still have my wallet.

True to form, it took me most of the afternoon and well into evening before I thought to look up some actual job openings in the field. Turns out nobody in the gaming industry's actually looking for someone with a 'game design' degree. Art, yes, animation, yes, architecture even. But a holder of a game design degree from Art Institutes may as well tattoo 'sucker' on her forehead.

...Yes, I'm aware of the irony, considering where I got my associate's. Don't think I'm not kicking myself over that.

*Except in the case of the school in England, but that's my 'infinitesimal chance' school - I'd have to sell a kidney to pay for it.

October 6th, 2009

What am I driving myself crazy with these days? Well, I'll tell you, flist.

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My parents have gently suggested (lulz) that I consider going back to school for my bachelors'. *watches shadow of Overhead Anvil of Issues grow rapidly larger*

Cons and pros. (Cons first, because that's how I am.) )

So, that's what's currently running on the hamster wheel in my brain.

July 14th, 2008

So. Yes. Update.

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Well, my graduation ceremony went off without a hitch on Friday - well, as non-hitchy as could be expected. It ran a bit long, and the guest speaker they had was some former coach from not-even-our-school-for-heaven's-sake, and he seemed to have forgotten that we were not a) his grandkids or b) football players. It was either screaming in our faces or "When I was your age blah blah poverty blah blah mastodon for breakfast." Oh, and he did a magic trick with a newspaper. I passed the time by contemplating Rodimus/Starscream ghost porn.

But in the end, it was worth it to walk across the stage. And dance off it. (I told you I would.) And toss my hat up in the air. ^_______^

And now? Now, ladies and gentlemechs, I am taking a nice long well-earned rest. My therapist told me today that I look much more relaxed, and yes, lifting that weight from one's shoulders will do that to a person. I spent a little of my graduation money today, and squeed over presents, and now there's just an Extended Family visit to get through before we officially move. Once I'm settled there I'll start looking for Jobs.

Speaking of Family, the day after I graduated, my grandmother (the one in Poor Health) fell and broke her ankle. Like, through-the-skin break. She was going to come down for Dad's retirement ceremony, but now it's a toss-up whether she'll be out of the hospital by the time we come up to see her in a couple of weeks. So, there's that going on.

Also, I just beat Magical Starsign, which is really good for me considering I only bought it a couple months ago. I would recommend it to anyone who's a fan of quirky RPGs. *checks off list* One down, seven million and three to go.

July 10th, 2008


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Got my grades today.

B- in Interface Design.
B+ in Computer Graphics 4.
A- in Senior Project.
A in Portfolio.

And I get my diploma tomorrow.

EEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEE. *flailyarms* So going to dance off that stage. ^______^

Also, my nails are painted a pretty light blue. *waggles them so they sparkle and shimmer*

...this has been Pepper Is Kinda Hyper Today Theater.

July 3rd, 2008


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*turns stereo up and dances around in underwear*

June 30th, 2008

Do not meddle in the affairs of motherfucking dragons. (Especially not on a motherfucking plane.)

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I swear this last couple of weeks I've become a misanthrope.

Just bleeding out some aggression before I explode. )

Basically, aside from a certain group of people (all of whom are on my flist), all who approach the moogledragon are at risk of getting torched. *grumbles* *huffs smoke* *retreats to cave and curls up in a scalyglowering moogledragonheap*

I just want this to be over, dammit. I don't mind the work, I just hate everything that goes with it. Why can't I just stay in my cave and make pretty things without having to deal with people?

June 28th, 2008

*deep breaths*

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One more project.*

*And fixing up a few other things, but don't ruin my moment here.

June 27th, 2008

*tears hair out*

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Dear Flash, my computer's OS, and anything else in the entire world that might be considering acting up,

I am graduating in a week. I do not have time for your shit. I swear to any gods/devils/avatars/forces that might be listening that if I get another crash, I will go stark raving mad. And possibly beat the hell out of this damn machine with a baseball bat.

Love and kisses,

(Also, my parents' anniversary is today. Guess who doesn't have anything for them. :D... oh my god i can't take much more of this.)

June 24th, 2008

Oh, GAG me.

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The last steps of my journey to graduation seem to involve a mess of corporate bullshit. I have to write a 'marketing statement' and pimp myself out to a panel next week. I'm not fluent in marketing speak and I don't want to be. If I ever am, I'd appreciate you all shooting me.

*glares at requirements again*

...I may be violently ill. -_-

June 20th, 2008

*drags self out of the Lifestream*

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Well, I stayed at school until nearly six today to do it, but my portfolio - is - DONE. *collapses* I just have to put various things in folders and it'll be ready to hand in. And my professors have okayed everything so I know it'll at least pass. You have no idea how much of a weight off my back this is, people. I still have a couple hurdles to get over, but this was The Big One, the one that has been sucking up most of my time for the past month and a half or so. I am so freaking relieved.

...I meant to do some drabbles tonight but my brain has hit its limit for the day. -_- *collapses in nearest lap and snoozes*

June 18th, 2008

Strange and odd things.

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- During in-class critique, concerning a video game interface I had designed:
Classmate: The buttons are very... touchable.
Me: *.....................*
Classmate: ...sorry.

- I got complimented on my shoes the other day. From a complete stranger. That always takes me by surprise.

- 'Nother dream: I had to rescue an old friend of mine from Alabama from a capricious faerie who'd turned her into a small fluffy dog, via faerie-style trickery/manners/wordplay. I had gotten in very close with the faerie, and was just running away with my dog-shaped friend when I woke up. *baps alarm with pillow*

- Saw Kung Fu Panda today. I include this in the 'strange and odd' category because it is a Jack Black movie, and everything Jack Black touches turns to WTF. Spoilers herein. )

- Lastly, I don't mean to bring anybody's hopes up since it's all still two weeks and a metric buttload of work away, but, um... I actually think I might graduate. I mean, I think I've started to let myself believe it. ...Okay, look, I wasn't going to do this graduation ceremony, right? My high school graduation was a complete load of horseshit. The highlight was when I stuck my tongue out at the camera right as Dad was taking a picture. But today someone from The Office called because I haven't gotten back to them about buying a cap and gown, and when Mom told me this I pictured it and pictured my name on the announcement and something... just snapped into focus for me, I guess. I've worked my ass off for this, I thought, why shouldn't I stand up there with everyone else? Why shouldn't I be proud? And that's when I started to believe. Despite myself, I started to believe.

June 11th, 2008

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Yep, I was right. Steaming pile of horseshit.

June 9th, 2008


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Well, I got my portfolio finished today. All cut out, glued, assembled, mounted and everything. All that's left is to turn it in.

I fully expect to be told that it's a giant steaming pile of horseshit, but considering a week ago I was certain I wouldn't be able to get to this point, I consider it a job well done. In any case, I'll still have about three weeks to work on whatever needs fixing. And tomorrow I can use my lab time to work on all the stuff I've been slacking on in order to get this done.

Who knows? I might actually not crash and burn.

EDIT: You'd think I'd be sick of Making Stuff right now.


...I'm going to hell for this, aren't I?

June 3rd, 2008


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I'm going to die.

*puts head in hands and shakes*

May 29th, 2008

GIP cleverly disguised as an update on my mental state.

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I'm pretty much ready for my portfolio progress assessment on Tuesday, so I plan to get some senior project work done tomorrow and Saturday (as well as my regular class work). So, still argh, but not as argh as last night. We'll see how long it lasts.

In other news, things I found while tooling around the webbernets:

This list is hilarious. I can imagine Ratchet using some of those terms. Or some of his own. UPTWDT (UnPlugged The Wrong Damn Thing), anyone? ;D

Monkeys Control Robot Arm With Their Minds. No, really.

Feeling a little better.

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Internet hugs helped a lot, you guys. Possibly more than they should considering the lack of actual physical human contact. Perhaps I'm evolving in a 'netwardly direction. This time next year I'll have figured out how to hook my brain up directly to the Internet, and I will never leave my house again. They'll find me still twitching in a puddle of my own drool, a lolcat still hovering before my eyes.

...The hamburger thoughtfully provided by my school this afternoon probably helped my mood too. I'm a college student, I never turn down free food. Of course, this is all contingent on whether I manage to slog through the metric utter fuckton of work I still need to do before graduation. I've got nothing but sketches for my senior projects, for fuck's sake, what have I been doing the past six weeks? *is going to die* ...At least my portfolio's past the halfway point, I guess. Or it would be if my professors would quit finding little nitpicky things that mean I have to reprint the whole shebang. -_- (No lectures, people, please. My inner Mom Voice has got that Covered.)

My current crochet project is a shrug made with Satin Sport, which is quite softandsilky for an acrylic yarn and I love it very much. I've only got about half the left sleeve done so far. The directions tell me to work it flat, s to keep track of which is the outside and the inside, I've got the sleeve closed with a twist tie from some toy packaging. Thus my addictions feed into each other. Pictures later, maybe.

May 27th, 2008

They're baaaa-aaack...

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Dear Universe,

*deep breath*


Since, y'know, three bug bombings doesn't seem to have been enough. Didn't even make the little bastards sneeze, judging by the sheer numbers I faced when I stripped my bed. Am I living on top of a Hellmouth?

Scrubbing my skin raw, thank you very much,
Moogle Girl


Dear Local Newspaper,

The time to print a cautionary article about how for-profit colleges (like the one I'm going to) are all Evil and Un-Academic and no reputable academic institution will accept their credits and many respectable employers won't hire people from them? Was about two years ago, before I devoted two years and all my hopes for not dying destitute in a ditch somewhere on OIP&T.

Resigning myself to being one of those useless, pathetic people who never move out of their parents' basement,
Moogle Girl
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