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December 18th, 2007


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For varied reasons, it's hard for me to find shoes. Mostly it's that I'm picky about what I spend my mom's money on - most shoes come across to me as boring, ugly, or like they wouldn't be out of place in [info]dragovianknight's collection of torture implements. (I have an antagonistic relationship with heels, which is another reason why I have a hard time with shoes. Girls, answer this for me - why, in Primus' name, do you feel the need to winch up your heels to unnatural angles?) Then, assuming I find something I like, I still have to deal with my monster feet. My feet are flat and wide, and hover somewhere in the 8.5-9 area, so finding a shoe that will accomodate all that is an adventure all in itself. Invariably the shoe I like best will pinch my poor toes, or have a bump to support the arch I don't have, or slip off my heel. Shopping for shoes, especially once I hit my growth spurt (in my case it was more of a halfhearted lurch, except where my feet were concerned), has always been an exercise in frustration.

So imagine my glee when I come home from Shopping today with not one but two pairs of shoes I absolutely adore. ^_^

Brown shoe with pink and purple and white... stuff all over it. Fits like a glove and looks adorable with tights. (I may be starting a love affair with tights. They're just so warm and cozy..!)

The black shoe. Basic, but not boring; pretty, but not froofy. These are the things that make a moogle's feet happy. ^_^

...And did I mention they were both on sale? :D (Gods, I'm such a girl sometimes.)

In other news, tomorrow is the last day of class for the quarter, and it will be spent Presenting things. While I don't enjoy presenting, at least I don't have to actually do anything either. HUZZAH. I'll probably spend break (when I'm not at Ohayocon, or allowing my Relations to fuss over me in Illinois) writing Sephfic. He's been poking around my brain and asking all sorts of questions. I think he's making up for not having much of a childhood... *worried look*
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