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May 22nd, 2010

Springkink has posted prompts.

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A (very small) selection thereof:

Transformers; Ultra Magnus/Rodimus; bondage/dicipline; a *duty* to tie the Prime up

Crossover: Transformers (G1)/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, any Autobot/the Megazord: awkward advances - "Zordon, what is that thing, and...why is it looking at the Megazord like that?"

Transformers; Cyclonus/Scourge/Sweeps; orgy; "I always know which one is you"

Transformers; Galvatron/Cyclonus/(other); voyeurism; "gives a good interrogation"

Transformers; Ultra Magnus/Cyclonus; aliens made them do it; when we meet again, we meet as enemies

Someone up there either loves me or hates me. I'm not sure which.

(Unrelatedly, most of the G1 prompts are mine. *shoves Other People in their direction*)

January 29th, 2010

Because I have no self-restraint.

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You guys. You guys. Someone please talk me out of (lj)springkink this round. It's fabulous, it's wonderful, but if I let myself get sucked in I wouldn't get anything else done. I've got a zillion other projects staring me in the face! (Also, at least a third of the prompts I'm eyeballing are my own.)

Also, please indulge me a moment while I explode from squee over the Transformers: War for Cybertron trailer.* Rest assured that I have already screencapped the hell out of this thing, for purposes of making icons. (I told you I have no self-restraint. It's a miracle I'm not planning on staying up 'til two in the morning iconsmithing already.)

I just. Gaaaaah. *flailyhands* Fandom makes me an incoherent ball of shiny-following fluff.

*Even if, on second listen, Megatron kind of sounds like Arnold Schwartzenegger.

November 15th, 2009

Writer's block: destroyed. >9000 EXP, you gain a level in Perv.

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Yes... yes.

Now I remember what it feels like. To see everything so clearly, what sparks are fanned into flame and what glorious conflagrations must follow. To feel the words flow from me like water, if I may mix my metaphors.

*embraces Optimus and Megatron and snuggles them close* Thank you, boys. ^_____^

Damn, I regret having to go to bed. Curse this weak human flesh of mine!

September 8th, 2009


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Well, it took several months, but I finally wrote a complete original short story during my downtime at work. ...Well, the very rough draft, anyway, but like I say, I take my victories where I can find them. ^_^;; I'm tentatively calling it "Wolves of Eternal Night." It's a vaguely swords-and-sorcery-type story, about a wolf who is sometimes human-shaped and the magic conflict that made her that way. It needs a lot of work before I'm ready to let other people see it, but if you'd like me to keep you in mind for a beta, let me know. :D

...On the other hand, sprinkink's calling for prompts again, and that just reminds be of the five prompts I totally warked out on last round. -_- I fail.

June 20th, 2009


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No sooner do I overcome my common sense and express interest in becoming a writer for GirlGamer.com, than I get an email inviting me to a Power Rangers RP. And it's one that I was contemplating before, so I already have a character in mind, but oh god I can't take on even one more thing. Let alone two. My brain, you guys. My poor braaaaiiiin. ;_;

...speaking of my poor brain and being stretched thin. I don't have either springkink fic written that's due tomorrow, and I need to go to bed soon 'cause I have work at seven AM tomorrow. I... think at least one's gonna be late. *whimperthud*

Aaaand some fandom-related angstmongering, just to round things out. )


June 11th, 2009

Yes, this is what I went to graphic design school for. XD

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Tomorrow I get to go to my mom's school for their end-of-year party and do face-painting for the kids in her class. If I get there early enough, I might get to read them a story too. ^_^ ...And hopefully Mom will save me a popsicle. :D

And now, for your Shamless Plug portion of the evening:

Shoyu Ramen Western, or, How Ryuuki Earned His Cowboy Hat - Story of Saiunkoku, no sex, but lots of crossdressing and Western-style hijinks.
The Angel's Sweet Curse - the Bible, Michael/Lilith, and now you know why I'm going to hell.
So Lost Together - Galvatron/Rodimus, exorcising each others' demons just a little bit.
Patience and Practice - Power Rangers, Jason/Billy being cute.
Insatiable - Transformers G1; Galvatron/Rodimus/Cyclonus in various combinations. In which Cyc and Roddy try and fail to wear Galvatron out.
Into the Wild Black - Transformers G1; a pirate AU, in which Jazz saves the world by being utterly shameless. ^_^

And, and, fics by Other People!

Ten Reasons Why Iruka Thinks He Might Hate Kakashi - Naruto, Iruka/Kakashi. The pitfalls of dating, when your intended is an utter perv.
Wasted Time - The Doctor, Q, Marty McFly, and Vector Prime sitting around bitching. XD
Shots and Stories - FFVII, Tifa tending bar. Funny and sweet in a heartbreaking sort of way.
The Key - Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Robin/Marian, exactly as hilariously awesome as it sounds. This was one of my prompts. ^_^
Upping the Ante - Phoenix Wright, Nick/Miles, short and sexy. Nick getting the upper hand, so to speak. ;)
Just Like Flying - G1, Silverbolt/Slingshot, sparksex, and zomg. Just. *flail*

And now, if y'all will excuse me, I've got some serious porning to do. >)

June 8th, 2009

I've crossed the streams something awful, you guys. XD

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So there are big tanks full of green liquid in Team Galactic Headquarters in Pokemon Diamond. My brain, of course, went straight to 'Mako tubes' and now I'm picturing a Pokemon!Sephiroth running around in a cloud of Mewtwo-like angst. It doesn't help that I already have a bitty Pokemon-trainer OC in my head, yo.

The enemy SEPHIROTH used SKEWER!

A critical hit!

AERIS fainted!



It's super effective!

In other news, springkink is going swimmingly. I'll troll shamelessly for comments later. >_>

April 19th, 2009

Though they haven't been officially accepted yet...

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...here are the springkink prompts I chose.

What have I let myself in for? )

...and now you know why I am doomed to die. XD I've been mainlining Saiunkoku Monogatari all weekend, and I've got a good start on the first one. Chasing bandits through the Old West! Horses! Hijinks! Prairie justice! ...not much porn though. -_-

April 15th, 2009

It wasn't Jenova that drove Seph mad.

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It was that he realized he'd taken on too many springkink prompts and was going to die. XDDD

I'll post the master list (along with prompts that I wish I could have taken, but someone else is going to have to do it for me, hint hint) once I get confirmations. For now, I have requested fourteen, which is more than I have ever done before, and this when I might be getting a second job soon. Which I have been talked into attempting, between my flists and my mom, even though the thought of working retail again, especially in addition to the dog place, makes me want to freaking cry. I have a feeling most of these are going to be short. Especially since I don't want to stop working on my current ongoing projects in the meantime.

...look, I've got to do something irresponsible, or what's the point of being young?

In other news, one of the ladies at work has adopted an orphaned baby squirrel. He's so young his eyes haven't opened yet, and she sits at her desk and feeds him from a dropper. I got to hold him briefly.

April 14th, 2009

Wark wark kweh.

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Well, I didn't get bitten today. That's already an improvement over yesterday, but the day is still young.

(Not hard enough to leave marks, before anyone panics.)

I noticed the other day that the local Bookstore is hiring, and... gods help me, I must be desperate because I'm thinking about applying. Two jobs are enough that I could move out and support myself, right? Independence is a powerful lure! ...except, that would be it for my Internet life. No free time to chat with 'Boots of an afternoon, or write, or do silly memes. I'd be lucky if I found time to crochet or play video games. No more nap. I'm always so tired when I come home from my long day at my current job, and that's only once a week - if I have to do that every day I'd never have the energy for anything else.

I don't want to live like that, guys. Would it be worth it?

In other news, (lj)springkink is driving me crazy. So many addictive prompts! *whimper* ...see, this is why I need a sugar daddy/mama.

March 31st, 2009

"Fire the cannon!" "You're fired!"

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Well, the exterminators are coming tomorrow. Mom says they're using a brand new kind of bug-killing Stuff, which I was glad to hear. 'Cause really, if all this doesn't work, the next step up is Orbital Nuclear Strike.

In other news, [info]springkink is accepting prompts! Wheeee! :DDD *hauls out Itty Bitty Notebook and starts typing up the fifty-odd prompts I've been stockpiling* *wicked grin*

Also, I've managed to freak out my mom (surprisingly more difficult than it sounds). I sent her a link to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I personally think sounds amazing, but, well, Mom's an English major. She wrote back:

Now they've gone too far. NOBODY messes with my Jane Austen. Heads will roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fifteen, count 'em, fifteen exclamation points. Isn't five considered a sign of mental instability on the Internet? ...or is it a moot point?

April 5th, 2008

'Boots, help...

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Springkink has these prompts:

- Transformers, Unicron/Hot Rod - Tentacles - Hot Rod managed not to scream as he was dragged backwards, fingers clawing furrows in metal as he strained to reach the fallen Matrix. Unicron's booming laughter more than made up for his silence.

- Transformers G1, Galvatron/Rodimus - falling from grace - You seek a god who stands above you, wrapping healing arms around you / You'll find another god of pain, a god of suffering and tears

- Transformers, Nova Prime/Sentinel Prime/Optimus Prime/Rodimus Prime - Dreamscape/Unreality - Rodimus didn't realize that even Primes could use a little break once in awhile. So the Matrix showed him.

Tell me again why doing Springkink this round is a bad idea? ;_; *fingerstwitch*

February 13th, 2008

The birth... of a LEGEND.

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Or a Cute, at least.

Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!

Get your own at PokePlushies!

Kjata makes chibi eyes at you all.

Also, as an impetus to Not Fuck Up on the graduation front, my parents have been talking about presents:

Mom: Did you have any ideas, Moogledad?
Dad: Well, I've been waffling between 'practical' and 'fun.'
Me: Why choose? :D

So, um, yes. I love my parents. ^_^


Springkink has been producing some first-class smut so far, and I consider it my bounden duty to wave it at you all. :D Mostly so I have an excuse to pimp my own, but.

Hazing Elena (FF7, NC-17): Gratuitous porn is what Turks do best.
Paso Doble (Transformers, PG-13): in which Starscream comes out on top for once.
Supernatural Fantasy VII: Advent Winchesters (SPN/FF7, NC-17): I've never seen Supernatural, but really all you have to know is that Reno meets his match in the 'kinky bastard' department.
GrappleandHoist (Transformers, PG): Hoist gets a clue.
A Little Spice (Aladdin/The Little Mermaid, PG-13): Oh, Disney slash, why do I love you so? Aside from the fact that I'm a kinky bitch.
As Easy As This (FF7, PG): Fluffy adorable fixit. My favorite. ^_^
Subliminal (Transformers, NC-17): Soundwave's just... testing the ultrasound. That hypnotizes people into doing his will. On Starscream. Yes. *ahem*
Banter and Blunders (Transformers, G): Pride and Prejudice, Ironhide style! :D
In the Rough (FF7, NC-17): Cid and Shera, which I already have a massive Love for, done Right. I melt.
Fruity (Fruits Basket, PG-13): It wasn't supposed to be a serious prompt, okay!?
Too Much Information (Kingdom Hearts II, G): Poor Cloud, trapped on a world with three randy teenagers. *giggles*
Like You Care (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, G): Billy is the woobiest woobie ever to woob, and Zack is made of awesome. (I think everyone named Zack is made of awesome. ...Hmm, there's a pairing. Zack/Zack! XD)

And, mine... :D
Fahrenheit (Transformers, PG): Red Alert/Firestar/Inferno. I want to have done more with this, but I lack experience writing these three. Top!Red Alert seems to have gone over well though.
Sweet Darkness (Transformers, NC-17): Prowl and Jazz are kinky bitches.
Demonstrative (FF7, NC-17): Rude and Tifa are also kinky bitches, especially when Reno gets involved.
Beautiful Attention Whore (Transformers, PG-13): Drabble, Megatron's thoughts about those times when Starscream shows off.

Off to write more porn! *whoosh of cape*

February 8th, 2008

Oh, springkink.

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I am officially sold on Sephiroth/Tifa.


(Here and here, for the curious.) *goes back to fainting*

EDIT: I had the most wonderful prompt EVER occur to me in the car, and now I can't remember it. GODDAMN IT.

February 4th, 2008

Well, fuck you too.

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Dear Megatron,

Two days without a peep from you and you decide to keep me up until one a.m. on a school night getting Optimus in bondage? This is not proper care of a moogle, my friend. I slept through half a lecture and it's all your fault.

Fortunately, two can play at that game. Chinese New Year is coming up; I'm going to play with Rattrap and Splinter, and you can just wait on my convenience for a while.


Respectfully and standing-behind-a-blast-screeningly yours,

January 18th, 2008


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Finished my Rude/Tifa AND my Megatron/Starscream last night! (Admittedly Megs/Screamer's just a drabble, but I flatter myself that it's a damn sexy one.)

A WINNER IS ME. *pumps fist in air*

Next up is... *checks list* ...Agatha and the Castle Heterodyne. Oh, help.

October 30th, 2007

Odd dreams, the end of springkink, and Animal Crossing geekery.

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So I'm sure there's something Freudian about this dream I had: Disturbing content. )

I'm sure my period's to blame somehow. Speaking of which, electric heating pads are a gift from the gods. *sighs happily and snuggles up with it* ^____^ I'm tempted to take it to school tomorrow.

Anyway, I finished my fics for this round of [info]springkink! YAY! My last four are as follows:
When You're Angry: Transformers canon-in-a-blender, Mikaela/Carly. Because the world needs more TF femslash, as Spike and Sam will attest.
Clean: G1. Optimus angsts. Jazz wants to help.
The Pirate and The Thief: Pirates of the Caribbean/Final Fantasy IX, Jack and Zidane meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, and summarily make the best of it.
Shield: G1, Optimus/Ironhide manly fluff.

I've got three months' worth of kink to code and put up on my website, of course, but once that's done I'm going back to the fic projects that've been gathering dust. So, Mythbusters/Transformers, postgame Sephiroth angstfluff, flowerverse (although I've been doing pretty well on that the last couple of days), and [info]50kinkyways - here I come! >D

Animal Crossing witterage, cut because it's too geeky for words. )

October 10th, 2007

*glazed look*

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Three quarters from graduation and I have this sinking feeling I'm going to get my ass kicked. Illustration Techniques seems straightforward enough, but the prof's already talking about portfolio work in Advanced Design and I'm already behind in Audio/Video thanks to an administrative mishap. Eek. (Fortunately, my first homework in that class gives me an excuse to watch Beast Wars again.) Between that, looking for a job, and Renfest... *checks [info]springkink claims list* ...yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be posting some stuff late, since all of my upcoming fics are refusing to be drabblefied. (Tomorrow, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday... what was I thinking?)

A little flowerverse blather, too. Why not? )
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